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Here are answers to some anticipated questions and their answers.

  • What church are you affiliated with?

    Tekton is an independent ministry. I attend a Southern Baptist church but would be comfortable just about anywhere where the Bible was honored as the Word of God.

  • What are your credentials?

    I have a Masters' Degree in Library Science. What that runs down to is, I'm trained in looking things up and answering questions.

  • Is it true that J.P. Holding is not your real name?

    Not anymore. That's an issue that was often raised as a substitute for answering my arguments, and it still is now and then. Fact is, it was my birth name; it was changed when I was an infant, and I changed it back in July 2007. In between I figured it made a good nome de plume so I used it -- partly as a matter of safety for my family back when I worked for my state's correctional system.

  • Have you been published anywhere in print?

    I self-published five books so far: The Mormon Defenders on Mormonism; another titled The Impossible Faith that is my defense of the Resurrection; Shattering the Christ Myth, a refutation of the claim that Jesus didn't exist; Trusting the New Testament, on the reliability of the NT, and Blowing the Doors Off, an apologetics handbook for students.

    I have also had articles appear in the Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal (now Journal of Creation, of Creation Ministries International) and have written for their website, and as of this edit in June 2009, 18 times in the Christian Research Journal (CRI).

  • Are you available for speaking?

    On that see here.

  • Married? Kids?

    Yes. No, and we're not interested.

    For those who remember mention of a pet here, our little pomeranian-poodle named Toby, we lost him November 2007 when he died of heart failure. We'll miss the little guy. But I later (January 2008) adopted a new poodle from a rescue organization. His name is Cocoa and he has a lot in common with Toby. You can find out more about him here.

    I'd like to recommend that if you want a new pet, that you consider getting one for a rescue organization. Many of these (like Cocoa) were either somehow abused or abandoned; others come from owners who can no longer care for them (eg, for health reasons). Giving one of our little friends a new lease on life is an easy and pleasurable thing to do.

    As far as my wife goes, I'm exceptionally devoted to her. We've been married since 1990 and we're still on the honeymoon...I've based a couple of my toon characters on us.

  • Cartoons? You draw cartoons?

    Indeed so. My personality type (see below) always has some sort of expressive creative outlet, and mine is cartooning. I always enjoyed comics and cartoons as a kid, and to this day, having retained a profesional and technical interest, I still like to check out offerings on the Cartoon Network and from Hollywood, as well as anime flicks and whatever else I can get my hands on.

    I find that most of today's toons are inferior in terms of storytelling and quality (stuff like Hi and Lois and Beetle Bailey), and I'm disgusted by the trend to have computers do most or all of the work.

    I began drawing when I was 10 or so and had fun with it for about 10 years before I became disgusted with the industry and quit. I let the skills stay dormant until 2005 when I decided they'd make a relaxing hobby/diversion, and that has indeed been the case. Now you can see it all at my newer site, The Annals of Hearthstone, where I let the creative side run free. I offer two closely-related serial comics titled Range Patrol and Shrike Team, based in an anthropomorphic-inhabited world of my own creation called Hearthstone.

    If you liked Lewis' Narnia series, you'll very likely get hooked on Hearthstone, too. Just be advised that I've rated the comics PG for serious themes. If you're an uptight, "Puritan" sorta person, you won't appreciate it.

    I have a drawing style that one professional artist friend of mine compared to the late Disney comic book artist Carl Barks. I see my style as a mix of Barks with a touch of anime/manga thrown in.

  • How old are you?

    I was born in 1968. (Just telling you that is easier than putting a number here that will change every year.)

  • Why no picture?

    I just don't take pictures that much. Many people use photos for the sake of memories and I don't require that for my sense of memory. I also think that the modern concern with what people look like is needless. I don't have any interest in what my opponents look like.

    That said, if you're really interested in such things (as I know some honestly are), let's just say I resemble my Ottoman Empire ancestors very closely. I'd probably be able to clear out an airport terminal by shouting "Allah Akbar" a few times.

  • What sort of person are you?

    I fit the personality profile here and here.

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