...is a Greco-Roman biography of Jesus. For a defense of date and authorship, see this general article with a link inside.

John 1:18
Can God be seen, or not?
John 1:12
Is John the Baptist Elijah, or not?
John 1:32-3
Did John the Baptist know who Jesus was, or not?
John 2:4
Was Jesus rude to his mother?
John 1:35
Are the Gospels contradictory about where Jesus was after his baptism?
John 2:6-10
Did the miracle of Dionysus influence this story? Part of a larger article on the alleged influence of Dionysus on Christianity.
John 2:23, 3:12
Is John's geography confused?
John 3:5
Does this verse teach that baptism is needed for salvation? -- part of a broad article that also touches on the general faith-works relationship question.
John 3:13
Who ascended first -- Jesus or Elijah?
John 3:35
Is Jesus contradictory about his ability to grant thrones?
John 5:8-11
Did Jesus actually break the OT law?
John 5:19, 30; 6:57, 7:16
Do these verses refute the divinity of Jesus? -- part of a reply to Brian Tozer
John 5:22, 8:5, 12:47
Does Jesus judge, or not?
John 5:31, 8:14
Is Jesus' witness to himself valid, or not?
John 6:1
Is John's geography confused?
John 7:1
Was Jesus a hypocrite when he warned people not to fear others?
John 7:7
Does this verse indicate Gnosticism?
John 7:8-10
Did Jesus tell a lie?
John 7:34
Will Jesus always be with us, or not?
John 7:53-8:11
John 8:59
Is Jesus being deceitful here?
John 9:22
Does this verse reflect a late date and the Jewish synagogue expulsion?
John 12:14-15
Did Jesus steal the donkey he rode into Jerusalem?
John 12:21
Does this verse contain a geographical error?
John 12:32
Has Jesus indeed "drawn all men"?
John 14:6
On Brian McLaren's disgraceful twisting of John 14:6
John 14:7
Can God be seen, or not?
John 14:12
Does this verse offer magical powers as a reward for faith?
John 14:27
Was Jesus for war or peace?
John 16:33
Is Jesus' burden easy or hard?
John 17:12, 18:9
Did Jesus really lose none of his sheep?
John 18:13
Does John think there was a new high priest every year?
John 18:27
Do the Gospels disagree on how many times the cock crowed?
John 18:28, 19:14
Do the Gospels disagree on the date of Jesus' crucifixion?
John 18:31
Is John wrong about the Jews not having capital power? -- part of a larger essay on the trial of Jesus
John 19:14
Do the Gospels disagree on the time of Jesus' crucifxion?
John 19:30
Do the Gospels disagree about Jesus' last words on the cross?
John 20:1
Do the Gospels contradict about who was at Jesus' tomb?
John 20:12
Do the Gospels contradict about the angels at Jesus' tomb?
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