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Macchio, Joseph
Author of a site titled "The Orthodox Suppression of Original Christianity". Comments here.
MacDonald, Dennis
Advocate of reading the Bible as fiction based on Homer's works.

  • Articles
    • Review of Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark
    • Review by "Justin Martyr" a classical scholar. Scroll halfway down. [Off Site]
Mack, Burton
Advocate of the Q and Cynic-sage theses. Related to, but not a member of, the Jesus Seminar.

  • Articles
    • Review of Who Wrote the New Testament?
Maher, relig
Mara bar-Serapion
Pagan author of a letter mentioning Jesus.
  • Is Interracial Marriage Biblical? -- by my friends at CMI [Off Site]
  • Martin, Michael
    Author of The Case Against Christianity. Rebuttal here
    Massey, Gerald
    Early 20th century writer, favorite of the "pagan copycat" theorists.
    See here [Off Site]
    McElvaine, Robert
    Review of Grand Theft Jesus in March-April 2009 E-Block.
    McKinsey, C. Dennis
    Author of the Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy. Full rebuttal here.
    McKown, Delos
    Comments on "How to Handle Bibliolaters" now at my parody site,
    McLaren, Brian
    Leading emergent figure.
    • Comments on some of his books here.
    • Multi-part review of A New Kind of Christianity begins in March 2010 E-Block [Request Back Issues]
    • Two-part review of The Secret Message of Jesus, here [Ticker blog]
    McPherson, J. B.
    Author of Holey Bible: Old Testament. See my comments here.
    Megiddo Church
    Watchman Fellowship overview
    Meherally, Akbarally
    Muslim apologist. See responses here. [Off Site]
    Biblical virtue -- that is not quite what we think it is. See here.
    Meritt, Jim
    Author of a list of Bible contradictions on the Secular Web, which we provide answers for here.
    Meyer, Joyce
    Popular teacher. Profile of Meyer in our first three 2009 issues of the E-Block [Back Issue Orders Required].
    Meyer, Marvin
    Fan of the Gospel of Thomas.
    Jewish commentary genre; sometimes critics say the Gospels fit this mold. See here for response. [Off Site]
    Miles, Austin
    Ex-associate of Jim Bakker turned apostate and re-turned Christian, apparently. Comments here on Don't Call Me Brother
    Miller, Robert
    Jesus Seminar participant.

    • Articles
      • Review of The Jesus Seminar and Its Critics

    Persian and Roman god, source of pagan copycat charges.
    Morgan, Donald
    Prominent Secular Web denizen. More into offering lists than offering hard argumentation.

    A variant on orthodox Christianity that I consider very much "on the edge" -- would be nice to see an internal reformation among these folks leading to orthodoxy.

    For items on the Pentaeuch and the Exodus, see those topical and Scriptural headings. See here for the issue of the origin of Moses' name and comparison of his story to that of Sargon.
    Murdock, D. M.
    Christ-myther who uses badly outdated sources. Formerly wrote as Acharya S.
    Some comments on contemporary Christian music.

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