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Packham, Richard
An attorney.
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Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth
Website by one Greg Kane that follows the "Jesus was stolen from pagan gods" school. We analyze it in great detail on my parody website, Summary points here.
Pagitt, Doug
Emergent gure. Comments here.
Paine, Thomas
Early American critic of Christianity. Comments and analysis of Age of Reason here.
Palmer, Brett
Past Till sycophant. Response to article accusing me of "hypocritical zeal".
Palau, Luis
Profile here.
Patterson, Stephen
Proponent of the Gospel of Thomas.
Apostle to the Gentiles -- and to the intellectual as well.

For material on individual books, check the Scripture Indexes by book name.

Perrin, Norman
Review of Thomas: The Other Gospel.

Perseverance of the Saints
The P in TULIP. I do not agree with this petal.

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Also called the Caphtorim or Cherethites, and almost universally regarded as having been from Crete, these guys were one of several "Sea Peoples" of the Aegean who made life tough in the Levant.

Phillips, Graham
Review of The Virgin Mary Conspiracy.

Phillips, Phil
Review of Turmoil in the Toy Box here
Jewish historian and philosopher slightly contemporary with Jesus.
Pink, Arthur
Popular author. Comments.
Piper, John
Popular preacher who should leave scholarship to the experts.
Piso family
According to certain people, the actual authors of the NT. Right.
Pittman, Howard
Popular author. Comments on Placebo.
Plotz, David
Deputy director of the online magazine Slate. Plotz started a series called "Blogging the Bible" in which he reads the Bible straight through and offers reader-response comments. His reactions are no less than what we would expect from someone without any knowledge of the defining social, lingustuic, historical, etc. backgrounds of the text.

To his credit he admits he is not an expert, but it remains that this is a thoroughly irresponsible presentation. He has offered little or nothing we have not already covered in the past here, so we deem him worthy of no more than this note.

Pliny the Elder
Ancient science writer.
Pliny the Younger
Pagan author of a letter mentioning Jesus.
On this issue and the Bible. See here with reference to Some other offiste articles: Does the Bible clearly teach monogramy?; one on the Christian ThinkTank plus another.
Pope Leo X
Contemporary of Luther and supposed source of a statement designating Christ as a figure of myth. Our analysis of that statement is here.
All of these are off site.
Preston, Don
Author of article giving false views on the concept of resurrection. See here for a reply.
Price, Robert
Biblical scholar with ought against his former faith.
Priene Inscription
Roman inscription appealed to by some skeptics to say that the Gospels are propaganda; see here for a reply.
For those who object to it in the Bible -- see here.
No, not the atheistic publisher; the mythical figure. Some folks say he's a copycat Christ. See here.
For defenses of authenticity of individual prophecies, seek by Scripture cite.

Prophet, Elizabeth Clare
Watchman Fellowship overview
Could parts of the NT be pseudonymous? [Off Site]
Putnam, Cris
Purveyor of paranoid end times material. See comments here.