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Raglan, Lord
Popular fellow among copycat Christ-mythers. Comments here.
Rauser, Randall
Apologist who wears out white flags waving them. Review of the Swedish Atheist... plus a followup.
Reformed Latter Day Saints
Watchman Fellowship overview
  • Did the early church believe in reincarnation? [Off Site]
  • Does the Bible teach reincarnation?
  • Remsberg, John
    Freethinker of the 19th century whose critique of the Bible provided much source material for The Encyclopedia of Biblical Errancy.
    See J under "Jesus"
    Reuchlin, Aberlard
    Proponent of idea that the NT was authored by the Roman Piso family. See reply here.
    Peculiar idea making the rounds in some Christian circles. Comments here.
    Riley, Gregory
    Politically-correct scholar of religion.

    • Articles
      • Review of One Jesus, Many Christs
      • Review of The River of God
    Rohl, David
    Author of Pharaohs and Kings, a book promoting a redating of the Exodus (reviewed on this page)
    Roman Catholicism
    See Catholicism.
    Rush, John
    Review of Failed God.
    Rushdoony, R. J.
    Review of various writings.