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Revelation is a "covenant lawsuit" document charging the Jewish people with infidelity to the Deuteronomic covenant. A relevant question: How did a Galileean fisherman write this in Greek? [Off Site] For the date of Revelation, see here.

Revelation 1:7
Does this verse teach a flat earth?
Revelation 6:13
Does this verse teach a limited sky?
Revelation 7:1
Does this verse teach a flat earth?
Revelation 12:7
One Skeptic has said of this verse, "Heaven is supposed to be a perfect place; yet [this] says it experienced a war." I don't know where he gets the idea that "heaven is supposed to be a perfect place". Scripture only says God is perfect; it nowhere says that heaven is. Our Skeptic goes on to say that this verse "deals a death blow to the security that all Christians seek" and expresses the notion that if a war happened in Heaven once, it could happen again. Well, I don't know about other Christians, but I'm not seeking security, and the idea of another war in Heaven doesn't particularly disturb me.

Revelation 22:12
Jesus the Alpha and the Omega -- as a divine title
Revelation 22:18-19
Did Jesus "add onto" the OT law in violation of this verse?. Also, Didn't Joseph Smith violate this passage?