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S, Acharya
Christ-myther who uses badly outdated sources. Now writes under the name D. M. Murdock.
Sabbatai Sevi
Pseudo-messiah cited by some as a social parallel to Jesus; see here for an analysis.
Should we keep a Saturday Sabbath? I discuss that here.
  • If Jesus didn't stay dead, how could his death have been a real sacrifice? [Off Site]
  • The idea of sacrifice in cultures worldwide and in the OT [Off Site] Was Jesus' death a violation of the command against human sacrifice? [Off Site]
  • Sagan, Carl
    Popular Skeptic of the recent past; more subtle but not as harmful as he appears. See here for comments.
    Salibi, Kamal
    Purveyor of an odd theory that OT events, and NT Christianity, had its origins in Arabia rather than Palestine. See here.
    Alleged pagan copycat Christ. Comments here.
    See also Atonement.

    Sanders, John
    Promulgator of "open theism" (or neotheism). See here.
    Ancient Jewish political body.
    Ancient Assyrian king. Did his birth story influence Moses'? See here.
    Is the Satan of the OT different than the one in the NT? And, Is his biography in Ezekiel and Isaiah?
    Schaberg, Jane
    Feminist theologian who thinks Jesus was the product of sexual malfeasance; see here for some comments.
    Schei, Ken
    Author of Christianity Betrayed, a rather odd speculation piece that makes Paul a bad guy.
  • General comments on his book
  • Specific comments on his view of Peter vs. Paul
  • Schonfield, Hugh
    Author of The Passover Plot, which is seldom used today, though theories such as the one it promulgated, of Jesus faking his death, continiue to be offered; see an example refuted here. One of Schonfield's lesser known works is The Authentic New Testament, the cover of which alleges to capture "the true meaning and atmosphere" of the NT. This seems to be mainly publishers' verbiage; most of the unfamiliar translations are non-controversial (i.e., apostles are called "envoys"); the only key verse noted that is perhaps controversial in the rendering of Phil. 2:15 as saying "in godlike form" rather than "the form of God." Yet even this is not entirely unacceptable, if we understand that "God" here is not a proper noun, but a general noun like "deity", and other key passages about Christ (John 1, Col. 1:15-18) are if anything more clear in Schonfield's translation in indicating the deity of Christ.
    Watchman Fellowship essays
    Secret Gospel of Mark
    Is the Secret Gospel of Mark a genuine document? [Off Site] See also Stephen Carlson's book The Gospel Hoax.
    Segal, Gerald
    Jewish anti-missionary.
    • Articles
      • Critique of The Jew and the Christian Missionary
      • Apologetic on the Suffering Servant [Off Site]
    Roman author and philosopher.
    Septuagint (LXX)
    "Why don't we use the Septuagint for our OT?"
    Were early followers of Serapis called "Christians"? -- part of a reply to C. Dennis McKinsey
    "Servetus the Evangelical"
    See our article in the August/September 2009 E-Block.
    Sheaffer, Robert
    Author of The Making the Messiah. on Sheaffer's book.
    Shelley, Percy Bysshe
    19th-century skeptic. See our item The Necessity...of Doubting Atheism by Jeffrey Stueber
    Used by some groups as a control mechanism. See comments here with how this is used by some "Christian" groups.
    Shermer, Michael
    Major Skeptical who likes to debate and get on TV. Shermer's Cozy Delusion by William Dembski [Off Site]
    Shirts, Kerry
    Mormon apologist. See here for a few comments on textual criticism.
    Shorto, Russell
    Journalist/author. Review of Gospel Truth
    Sider, Ronald
    We have a series here by Tekton contributor Brent Hardaway addressing some of Sider's claims on economics and capitalism.
    Singer, Tovia
    Jewish anti-missionary.

    Alleged copycat source for the Exodus story. See here.
    Sitchin, Zechariah
    Way out there guy. We recommend this site.
    Skeptics' Annotated Bible
    Comments here.
    Major issue for some Skeptics as it is presented in the Bible. See Glenn Miller's series here. See here for a collection of works from American history by Christian abolitionists
    Sloan, Gary
    Skeptical writer. Analysis of political "interview with Jesus"
    Smith, George
    Author of Atheism: The Case Against God, a book I find highly deficient in areas I know something about. Comments on Smith's book.
    Smith, Ken
    See summary points here.
    Smith, L. Ray
    Proof that just because you buy a domain name "" doesn't mean you know the Bible or are telling the truth.
    Smith, Mark
    Webmaster of "". As I find nothing new on his site that I have not already answered I have no plans to write anything about him, but if you have questions about where to find answers to what he writes, contact me by email.
    Smith, Morton
    Deceased skeptic who condemned G. A. Wells, but otherwise wasn't agreeable.
    Smith, Stephen
    Preterist with some odd ideas.

    Sola Scriptura
    Sola Scriptura Extremis -- on misuses of the doctrine by those who refuse to examine Scripture in context. Related article on Catholic apologist Mark Bonocore's take here.
    Son of Man
    Important title used by Jesus. See here for a discussion.
    Soul Sleep
    Doctrine often associated, but not necessarily connected with, annihilationism. See article here [Off Site] and our own item here.
    Sound Doctrine Church
    Highly reactionary cult. Comments here.
    Spanish Inquisition
    Are Christians taking a bad rap for this one?
    Sparks, Kenton
    Review of God's Word in Human Words in May-June 2009 E-Block.
    Spinney, Jacob
    Comments on Spinney's response to "5 Crucial Questions About Christianity"
    Spong, John Shelby
    Episcopalian super-liberal who can't figure out why no one goes to super-liberal churches.

    • Articles
    Stanley, Charles
    Profile in November 2009 E-Block
    Stevens, Neville
    Dislikes Galatians. See here.
    Still, James
    Secular Web denizen.
    Straczynski, Michael
    Comic book producer who thinks he is an expert on religion. Comments by W. R. Miller (PDF file).
    Strauss, David Friedrich
    Author of The Life of Jesus Critically Examined, a book with some merit, but ultimately grounded on Strauss' deistic attitude. Comments on Strauss' book.
    Pagan author of a history possibly mentioning Jesus.
    Watchman Fellowship overview
    Swindoll, Chuck
    Profile in December 2009 E-Block
    Synoptic Problem
    Q and Marcan priority hub
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