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Welcome to the hub page for the first Tekton E-Brick e-book, The Atonement Contextualized, which officially came out September 21, 2012, and is available for just 2.99! Here we'll provide descriptions of each chapter, plus whatever links are necessary for further discussion and news on each of these chapters. This will include links to discussion forum threads, answers to any attempts at rebuttal, and any new information about what is discussed in the chapters.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Patronage Transference Model -- an outline of our model for the atonement.

Chapter 2: Propitiation or Expiation? -- does Jesus' atoning action placate God's wrath, or cleanse us of sin...or does it do something else?

Chapter 3: Jesus the Human Sacrifice -- replies to arguments that the death of Jesus was morally and physically equivalent to a human sacrifice.

Chapter 4: A Collection of Objections -- answers to miscellaneous objections about atonement doctrine.