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This page offers quick access to all audio and video files on the site as well as any I have done elsewhere.

Video Appearances

  • The Real Jesus -- interview on subjects like the Blasphemy Challenge. I did this one about 55 pounds ago!
  • Veritas Forum -- several shows done with Dr. Craig Johnson; features my trimmer version!

    Radio Appearances

    Not every program I've been on has archives, but we'll provide what we can. A whole lot of stuff from KFUO in St. Louis has now apparently been deleted.


    These files are in .wav format at first; someone is changing them to .mp3 for me. Our thanks to Tekton contributor "Justin"!

  • Understanding the Bible in Cultural Context


  • Sermons and Lessons

  • Interludes with the Youth Group

    My former youth pastor used me for a semester for an "Ask the Brain" feature for our middle and high school students. We answered one question a week.

    Reader Recommends

    Off-site material. Write me if you'd like to suggest something.