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Welcome to the hub page for the third Tekton Building Blocks series book, Defending the Resurrection, which officially came out August 20, 2010. Here we'll provide descriptions of each chapter, plus whatever links are necessary for further discussion and news on each of these chapters. This will include links to discussion forum threads, answers to any attempts at rebuttal, and any new information about what is discussed in the chapters.

Unless otherwise indicated, chapters are authored by James Patrick Holding.

Table of Contents

Introductory Material

Foreword by Dr. Gary Habermas


Section 1: The Exegetical Basis

  • Chapter 1: Does the New Testament Teach a "Spiritual Resurrection"?
  • Chapter 2: The Second-Skin Theory
  • Chapter 3: Were the New Testament Accounts of the Resurrection Simply "Borrowed" from the Old Testament?
  • Chapter 4: Does the New Testament Have "Alternate Traditions" of Jesus' Burial?
  • Chapter 5: Did Jesus Predict His Death and Resurrection? (Jonathan Kendall)
  • Chapter 6: Did the Resurrection Accounts "Grow With the Telling"? (David Wood)
  • Chapter 7: The Oldest Resurrection Narrative (Joe Hinman)

Section 2: The Philosophical Basis

  • Chapter 8: Standards of Evidence and "Extraordinary Claims"
  • Chapter 9: Did the Resurrection "Violate Natural Law"?
  • Chapter 10: Cavin's Evidential Scheme: Is There Sufficient Historical Evidence for the Resurrection?
  • Chapter 11: The Legal Basis for Evaluating the Evidence for the Resurrection (W. R. Miller)

Section 3: The Ideological Basis

  • Chapter 12: Why was Jesus Resurrected?
  • Chapter 13: Was Resurrection Stolen from Zoroastrianism?
  • Chapter 14 The Vindication of the Messiah: Why Resurrection? (Jonathan Kendall)

Section 4: The Social Basis

  • Chapter 15: The Shame of Crucifixion
  • Chapter 16: The Geographical Association
  • Chapter 17: The Resurrection Drawback
  • Chapter 18: Rejection of the New
  • Chapter 19: Ethical Demands
  • Chapter 20: Tolerance
  • Chapter 21: Connections to History
  • Chapter 22: The Price of Following
  • Chapter 23: Human vs. Divine
  • Chapter 24: Class Distinctions
  • Chapter 25: Women Witnesses
  • Chapter 26: Rural Testimony
  • Chapter 27: Secrecy and Privacy
  • Chapter 28: Disrespectable Deity
  • Chapter 29: Miscellaneous Contrarium
  • Chapter 30: What About Mithraism?
  • Chapter 31: What About Islam?
  • Chapter 32: What About Mormonism?
  • Chapter 33: Buried with Honors?
  • Chapter 34: Early Conversion Numbers
  • Chapter 35: The Challenge to Refute

Section 5: The Historical Basis

  • Chapter 36: Is Joseph of Arimathea a Myth?
  • Chapter 37: Avalos Contra Craig (Travis Campbell)
  • Chapter 38: Hallucinations and the Risen Jesus (Jonathan Kendall)
  • Chapter 39: Did Cognitive Dissonance Cause the Resurrection Appearances? (Reagan Brown)
  • Chapter 40: The Swoon Theory
  • Chapter 41: The Decomposition Theory
  • Chapter 42: The Stolen Body Theory
  • Chapter 43: Wrong Tomb Theories
  • Chapter 44: The Evil Twin Theory