`Bart Ehrman, Jesus Interrupted -- Detailed Refutation

Special Edition

Over the years, Bart Ehrman has produced several books; a couple have been relatively non-controversial, but most have not. In those that have provoked controversy, there has always been an underlying lack of forthrightness in the way Ehrman conducts his business.

In some cases Ehrman has abused his authority as a popular author to address topics on which he is not an expert. God's Problem is a classical full-text example of this; Ehrman is not a philosopher and has no business addressing the "problem of evil." In other texts, Ehrman has ranged outside his specialty field (textual criticism) to comment on matters on which he is (compared to other Biblical scholars) badly informed, such as theology and Biblical exegesis. And even when it does come to his specialty, he has repeatedly been dishonest to the extent that he fails to tell the "whole story." This is especially disgraceful inasmuch as a clear dichotomy can be found in how he presents the truth in his more academic works, versus how he presents only as much truth as he wants readers to see in his popular works.

With Jesus, Interrupted Ehrman has stepped far over the line of intellectual honesty and decency, using his platform as a popular author to disseminate much that he surely knows is incomplete and misleading information. The benefit of the doubt is now exhausted. Despite his pretense at scholarship, Bart Ehrman has proven himself, by this book, to be someone not in the least interested in truth, but only in using whatever means are necessary to deconvert as many Christians as possible.

For this reason, I have elected to present as a special edition of the E-Block a thorough refutation of Jesus, Interrupted. Yes, there is also the factor that as predicted, many Skeptics are practically wetting themselves over this one, though it contains nothing new and nothing that has not been refuted before, especially on this site. But primarily, it is Ehrman's lack of intellectual honesty that is the problem here. He is abusing his public trust, and so a response is warranted which publicly shames him for his despicable absues of that trust in Jesus, Interrupted.

This series was begin March 17, 2009 and was completed April 14, 2009.

Chapter 1: A Historical Assault on Faith -- see a sample here
Chapter 2: A World of Contradictions -- see a sample here
Chapter 3: A Mass of Variant Views -- see a sample here
Chapter 4: Who Wrote The Bible?
Chapter 5: Liar, Lunatic, or Lord?
Chapter 6: How We Got the Bible
Chapter 7: Who Invented Christianity?
Chapter 8: Is Faith Possible?

Special Addendum: Ehrman vs. Logic, History, and the Law

Special Link: Ben Witherington lays down the law on Ehrman here -- With's answers don't always agree with ours, but he's the man!

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