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Rael or Real Ethics?

A Brief Look at the Raelian Movement

Jimmy Li

The Raelian Religion has been in the media much largely for its sensational leader name Rael, who's real name is Claude Vorilhon, a former French automobile journalist turned religious UFO cult leader. Besides this, and also the Raelian Religion attempt to clone human babies, the Raelian Religion has also been known for a somewhat eccentric view of morality and ethics.

The Raelian Religion has a free email newsletter sent out several times daily to its subscribers, which often features articles from the mainstream media concerning the latest developments in science and technology. Every email always end with a little three paragraph quote from Rael on ethics as follows:

"Ethics" is simply a last-gasp attempt by deist conservatives and orthodox dogmatics to keep humanity in ignorance and obscurantism, through the well tried fermentation of fear, the fear of science and new technologies.
There is nothing glorious about what our ancestors call history, it is simply a succession of mistakes, intolerances and violations.
On the contrary, let us embrace Science and the new technologies unfettered, for it is these which will liberate mankind from the myth of god, and free us from our age old fears, from disease, death and the sweat of labour. -- Rael

This article will briefly look at the excerpt provided above and demonstrate how we need REAL ethics and not Rael's blabbing of nonsense.

According to Rael, ethics is just something the religious people (or "deist conservatives and orthodox dogmatics") imposed upon the people so they will be afraid of "science and new technologies". How this is so he does not discuss; this claim is too broadly generalized. Besides committing the logical fallacy of generalization, Rael also commits the logical fallacy of hasty inductive generalization. This is when a conclusion is arrived from a sample of experiences or cases that is too small. While theoretically there might be some moral theists who might oppose new technology per se, this does not mean every moral conservative would oppose scientific development. Rael needs to be reminded of such names as Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein.

It is interesting how in the first paragraph Rael mentions that ethics is nothing more than a myth espoused by a bunch of dogmatics. Then in the second paragraph he goes on to bash history as something to be ashamed of. Ironically, Rael's own history is problematic just a paragraph ago! Though there is no standard of right and wrong, man's history is a succession of "violations"! Or how about history being "mistakes" when doing something wrong does not exist? Elsewhere, the Raelian Religion slits its own throat when it takes on a moral issue in its newsletter. One newsletter was titled, "Priests' Sex Abuse Victims demand US Church reform" on December 14, 2002 in which it reports on the immorality of the sex abuse case with the Catholic Church. It also sent out a newsletter on December 11th, 2002 titled, "Hollywood stars rail against war". It would be impossible to press for reform or oppose war as "evil" when such a concept wouldn't exist in a world where ethics doesn't exist. Examining the second paragraph, Rael also mentions "intolerance", a negative ethical trait. Though Rael sees man's past as a succession of intolerance, hypocritically, he himself display intolerance towards ethical theists. This clearly shows that in reality, Rael's view is not amoral (meaning morals do not exist) but that he is IMMORAL. Though he recognizes morality, he tries to suppress and deny its existence to live his evil life of gross sexuality. (As reported in "The Sexual Messiah." National Post (Canada), Aug. 7, 1999 )

In the last paragraph Rael commits the logical fallacy of mutual exclusiveness when he asserts that we either must accept science or "the myth of god". Belief in God and science is not a case of one or the other. As shown earlier, there are ethical theists who have contributed much to the advancement of scientific knowledge and technological development. Also, to think that technological advancement disproved God is to commit a categorical logical fallacy (an example: thinking the musical note C doesn't exist by asking what its color is). Technology is concerned with making innovations and inventing new items that would assist or able to accomplish certain tasks, and to assert that this field disproves God is simply absurd. Though Rael thinks that technology would liberate man from death, he has yet to find out that the death ratio is still one per person. If he wants to be liberated from death, the only way is through Jesus Christ, the savior of sinners who took the load on the Cross.

Rael's or real ethics? The Raelian Religion is spiritually bankrupt. God's wrath would come upon those who choose to indulge in their sins and attempt to suppress the truth that MORALS and ETHICS does exist. Be warned, God does hold sinners accountable. The only way is repentance, and accepting God's saving grace through Jesus death on the cross.

More on the Raelians

What are the Raelians you might ask? With the news having the start of the expose' on this movement and Jimmy Li already dealt with the main issue at hand, this will be short. Often cults do not get prime time coverage on the major news networks like CNN or Fox News. This religious cult has more than just a moral dilemma to deal with and quite frankly, we need to think about all the teenagers and impressionable people that will join this movement. Rael, who is the leader of the "International Raelian Religion," said he originally met the Elohim aliens while walking into a metallic bell-shaped spacecraft on a mountain. It had all the typical narratives of a third-person private extraterrestrial meeting. Many others and I are not amused about the so-called meeting, since the mountain he was on was pretty much inaccessible to cars.

This cult has all the typical signs of being a cult and even uses religious documents such as the Bible for their teachings. What I am particularly mad about is their choice of words. I know my fair share of Hebrew and often apply it when talking about Yeshua (known as Jesus) on Jews For Jesus. Rael thinks "Elohim" (a Hebrew words for God or angels) are aliens. What makes him so dangerous is he thinks that Elohim means "those who came from the sky". Then he makes the assertion that it has been mistranslated as "God". That is false and I will show you why.

Their translation of the word "Elohim" is interesting. "El" in Hebrew, as in other languages that are rooted in Canaanite languages, means "God" or "Divine Being." "Elohim" is the plural formation and means, literally, "Gods." However, this title has always been understood by Jews, when used of Yahweh, as being a royal form of address to the deity reflecting respect and awe for Yahweh's majesty and power. When the word is used of the "gods of other peoples," it is also used in the plural formation, but ONLY when speaking about more than one of them at a time. If the foreign god being referenced is a single god, like Baal or Dagan, the singular "El" is used. The claim that "Elohim" means something other than "Gods" is entirely mistaken. It has no basis in historic linguistic fact.

So the next time you meet a Raelian and he appeals to "Elohim", you will know what to hit him with.