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Freethinkers Haven or Atheist Missionary Cell?

Blake Landon Reas

Recently the skeptics at infidels posted a nice article about a woman who runs a "think-tank"( Missionary Cell) in Virginia. It says:

Like Gora's Positive Atheism and multiple other variations, the brand of secularism practiced here is inherently proactive. "Sooner or later, people will accept that no deus ex machina is going to swoop down and save the world, that it's incumbent on humans to build a heaven on earth," Pettie says. The purpose of the live-in lab is to support this proactive, practical view of skepticism.

Notice the word "proactive" in this paragraph. Also the fact that she says that people will accept that no deus ex machina will sweep down out of the sky! This sounds like blatant proselytizing to me. How are people going to lose their beliefs in this small town if the Atheists are not trying to convert (You like that word, don't you, skeptics?) an old lady who has no idea what you are talking about! All I ever hear about from the atheist is, "Don't force your religion on other people." In reality they want us to be lazy and not do anything about their march in America. The reality is they are every bit as missionary-bent as any Christian organization, even though Richard Carrier would say otherwise. It is amazing how much hypocrisy is in their position.

My mission is to give hands-on help for freethinkers who are trying to connect with people on their wavelength, or to launch something.

Hey, here she is again! Let's see here..."to launch something." What does she mean by this? There might be a little light shed in the next paragraph!

And the obvious question: Why Culpeper, this bastion of middle-class Christian rectitude? "Contrast! Actually, I have a lot I need to learn about the religious mind, so this place is perfect." If the locals don't like what she's doing, "they can complain to god. She's the one who told me to do this," Pettie deadpans."

Hmmm… She wants to learn more about the "religious" mind. Well, I have a question here -- I mean, couldn't you learn about the religious mind in the city? Why start a think tank in the middle of a rural town unless you want to make your ideas known! This is what I do not understand about skeptics: In order to hide their hypocrisy they call it "learning about the religious mind"! Why don't you call it what it is!? All the skeptics are trying to do is convert people to Atheism. Deep down they are not about religious freedom, and all that they say about it is a bunch of fluff! We are the enemy in their mind. I have no problem with them getting their ideas out -- but don't act like you are not trying to get others to be atheist!

I have a question for the skeptics who may read this: Do you really think that this is not a Missionary organization in the middle of this town?