User's Guide to Tekton
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If this is your first time visiting Tekton, here are a few tips for getting around and finding what you want....

The major access tool here is the pulldown menus that run the Encyclopedia function. These are found on the front page in the topmost left blue box, and in the sidebar on nearly every article.

If you're not here looking for anything in particular -- just browsing around -- you probably don't want to use the indexes. We'd recommend going to our subject hub page, where you'll find in yellow columns some links to other hub pages that represent the broadest interests here and also constitute typical samples.

If you are looking for something in particular, then use the pulldown menus.

If your question has to do with a particular Bible verse or passage, then you'll want to to use the Scripture index.

If your question has to do with a particular person, like an author, then you'll want to use the subject index and look for them by last name (or, use the PicoSearch function).

If you have a particular subject in mind, then the subject index is also what you'll want to use. Of course you can ask for help finding things if you need it.