Ministry Information Hub

What's Here

This section contains material to introduce you to the ministry, its purpose, and those who work behind it. It will also introduce you to ways you can support the ministry and share its resources.

About the Ministry

Mission Statement -- tells the history of the ministry and gives a statement of faith

Who is James Patrick Holding? -- Some personal data. For a professional resume' please see here.

Projects and Plans

2016 Ministry Manifesto -- a yearly outline of projects we are working on, their progress, and the ministry's corresponding financial needs

Tekton Response Policy -- what we will respond to, and how

Support the Ministry

How to donate to Tekton -- if you find our work useful, and would like to see it continue as a full-time ministry, please check this out.

Promotional posters for your church or school. Simple ways to share Tekton's resources with others.

Using Our Resources

User's Guide to the website -- how to use the indexes and other tools.

Available for speaking engagements -- I would be happy to serve your church or other organization as a speaker.