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John W. Loftus of Angola, Indiana has a brain problem. He frequently contradicts himself. He lies and engages in deceit. He flaunts his ignorance to the world. He believes he is not a sinner. He ignores factual data. He blames others for his own shortcomings. He disregards logic. He believes people who disagree with him are idiots. He shows symptoms of Kruger-Dunning Syndrome.


John W. Loftus needs help. More help than what a cup of coffee has to offer.


To that end, we recommend a service that can help him: Northeastern Center, Inc., which happens to have a facility in his town. We urge him to take advantage of their service at the earliest opportunity.


Northeastern Center, Inc.
1418 Beckland Dr
Angola, Indiana 46703-7559


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Unsolicited Observations and Recommendations:



9:59 AM, March 12, 2009

analuon said...

You're losing it Loftus.


5:38 PM, March 12, 2009

Jeff said...


Seriously, grow up, John.

If you can't handle a few insults from people who aren't worth your time, then you have some problems to deal with.


April 1, 2009, 02:23 PM

Post: #68  Re: April 2009 Screwballs

Darth Ovious


I know DJ isn't four but he does have the mental capacity of one. However then again, that would probably be an insult to four year olds.:lol:


April 1, 2009, 05:00 PM

Post: #82  Re: April 2009 Screwballs

Darth Executor


Now, for some personal advice: I think you're mentally ill. Any normal person would've just admitted they've been had. It's embarrassing, but it's not like you're alone. I was had too. Laugh and move on. But not you. Between your ego and your holding neurosis you can't do that. You have no brains or discipline and you refuse to change which is why we'll always laugh at you.


April 1, 2009, 08:55 PM

Post: #90  Re: April 2009 Screwballs

Truth Be Told


You've gotta be on drugs, John. Those books you talk about are clearly eating away at your objectivity and your reasoning capacities. If you consider this lying, you need CLINICAL HELP.


 April 2, 2009, 04:16 AM

Post: #109  Re: April 2009 Screwballs



May I ask why you come here at all? Do you have permission from the psychiatrist to visit the patients?


April 2, 2009, 05:22 AM

Post: #111  Re: April 2009 Screwballs



Never underestimate the narcissism of DJ.


April 2, 2009, 05:56 AM

Post: #114  Re: April 2009 Screwballs

Truth Be Told


You are the master of inventing rather moot points, aren't you? You don't see that this has nothing to do with a person's belief perspective. It has to do with your personality.

Do you realize that you are inconsistently contradictive of yourself almost every time you write? Like I said, clinical help is in store for you.


April 2, 2009, 07:25 AM

Post: #118  Re: April 2009 Screwballs

Mountain Man


I can't believe you're still on this kick even after getting kicked in the head with this April Fool's prank. I think the others are right: you need some professional help.



Perhaps I'm Losing it; I Don't Know. (has since been removed)

By John W. Loftus


I am ******* tired of being shot at from both sides of the fence for five years because I actually want to reach the opposing side. If you are a skeptic and you want to take pot shots at me then **** ***. I do not care. I really don't. There are many sites and books that preach to the choir on both sides of the fence. Fine. Go to them. That is not what I'm doing here. Get the point. I'm about ready to quit. I really am. I no longer care. I've done my part.