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This section lists our consistent "top twenty" articles in terms of readership. It will be revised now and then to reflect shifting statistics. The list below was updated August 22, 2012.


Leviticus 18 and Homosexuality


Is drinking wine and alcohol Biblical?


What is the unpardonable sin?


Did Jesus teach literal hate? -- on Luke 14:26.


Jesus: God's Wisdom -- a defense of Trinitarianism


Article 11 and the Treaty of Tripoli


What is holiness? -- definining a Bible concept.


Was the pagan god Mithra a source for the life of Jesus?


Understanding Logical Fallacies


The Testimony of Tacitus -- analysis and answers to criticisms concerning a secular testimony to Jesus


Music and the Church of Christ -- is the ban on instruments Biblical?


On multiple anointings of Jesus by women in the Gospels


Josephus' references to Jesus