Tekton Response Policy
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Tekton responds to any and all e-mails from honest seekers and questioners. We answer each e-mail like this personally, and it is just one person - me, J. P. Holding - answering it. However, if you ask a question outside my subject area, I may refer you to one of my consultants for an answer.

Responses to Critics of Christianity

In the past, Tekton has been willing to act as an "apologetics mercenary" ministry, taking on opponents of Christianity upon request. As of 2009, this policy is no longer in effect, as it has been found that we are overwhelmingly merely repeating and/or linking to prior answers. In short, we are finding no new arguments to refute.

If nevertheless you wish for us to specifically refute the claims of a specific website or book, I will do it as a freelance job, and you may contact me to negotiate terms. However, I will ask for any remuneration in advance, as I have twice been promised such without receipt.

Responses to Critics of Tekton

I will update articles on the site in response to criticism only if the criticism does not address an issue I have not answered elsewhere.