Would you like to invite J. P. to speak to your church or group?
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If you like what you’ve seen on this website, J.P. is available to come give a talk at your church, college ministry, or other group or organization. Please contact him at jphold@att.net for inquiries. You can get more information about the ministry here and about J. P. here).

Here is a sample of my teaching, from Shepherd's Fellowship in Greensboro, NC. Here is a site that archives video presentations I did on a local talk show.

I live in Orlando, Florida. I am available for talks most easily in my tri-state area (Florida, Georgia, Alabama). Because of health issues, I must place certain caveats on travel beyond those states, depending on the distance. Please write me for discussion.

Probable Questions....

Will you speak at a(n) __________ (insert denomination here) church?

I'll gladly speak at any mainstream, orthodox, denominational or non-denominational church. In the past I have spoken at churches ranging from Southern Baptist to United Brethren; from Assembly of God to Catholic. In short, if you subscribe to the same statement of faith as the one I give as an example in the mission link above (Campus Crusade for Christ), I'm there.

What do you ask for as far as compensation?

I know churches all over do things differently (e.g., some do offerings while others have stipends or flat payments), so I try to stay flexible. I will always fly coach and/or go for the most efficient rental car. However, greater distances will be more problematic; my wife does not drive (she is legally blind) and so she must either come with me or else it must be a very short trip. For health reasons I also can no longer endure a grueling flight and travel schedule (e.g., leaving at 6 in the morning!), which will leave me unable to serve you properly.

I don't want to exclude smaller churches, either. If you have a smaller church, I can try to find another engagement nearby at around the same time to cover costs. Either way don't hesitate to check with me to work something out.

I don't mind being a "workhorse" on these presentations. If you want to arrange something where I do 2-3 of these in an day, I'm there. In fact, given my other issues with health and travel, I'd probably prefer such a setup.

What Subjects Are On the Fire?

I'm willing to talk about anything within my subject area (apologetics, particularly Biblical, historical, and social science apologetics) but here are basic presentations that are ready to go.

Tekton Building Blocks Teaching Series.

As part of my association with the Southern Baptist Convention's Certified Apologetics Instructor program, I have put together a series of topical teachings on a variety of subjects which are coordinated with printed material with more depth on the same topics. For more information on this special series, see here.

Apologetics Boot Camp for Youth.

My local ministry partner, Carey Roesel, and I provide both interactive and lecture-format teachings to prepare youth for the challenges they will face as they enter into the world.

Apologetics: Cod Liver Oil for the Christian Soul.

A discussion on the necessity of apologetics, presenting it as a Biblical mandate by example as a form of evangelism, and the current need for apologetics in a postmodern world. The presentation touches on current issues in apologetics that are affecting our lives.

The Impossible Faith.

A summary presentation/discussion of the article at http://www.tektonics.org/nowayjose.html (now also a book) demonstrating why Christianity must be historically true.

Mormonism: Christianity in the Mirror Universe.

A look at the aggressive new apologetics efforts by Mormons, and the need to be prepared to deal with the world’s fastest-growing religion. I also have presentations on other cults, including the Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, etc. as well as on other ways of thought like postmodernism.

It’s a Large World After All!

A multi-part primer on important differences between the culture of the Biblical world and our modern American world.

Above all, remember that my purpose is to help and inform you.