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This section lists resources that are produced by this ministry as well as resources that we have found useful in our research..

Tekton Resources

Shattering the Christ MythChrist myth Book -- On the claim that Jesus never existed. Looks at the theories of authors like G. A. Wells, Earl Doherty, Acharya S, and many others. Hub page for the book here

Trusting the New Testament -- On the reliable transmission of the New Testament. Sections are on: Reliability of oral transmission; reliability of textual transmission; authorship of the NT books, and the formation of the canon. Hub page for the book here.

The Impossible Faith -- Offers 17 reasons why Christianity could not have survived in the ancient world unless it had indisputable evidence of the resurrection of Jesus. Impossible Faith Book It is available in book form from as a "food for thought" tract, and will be updated in depth in Defending the Resurrection. Until then, the first linked article will serve as a "hub page" for the book.

Mormon Defenders BookThe Mormon Defenders -- our earliest resource, a look at how Mormon apologist misapply the Bible in an attempt to support their views. Hub page for the book here.

Tekton Resources (continued)

Defending the Resurrectionresurrection book -- Thorough defense of the Resurrection as an historical event. Hub page for the book here

Apologetics Bible Study

Tekton Annotated Bible -- Our New Testament commentary with an apologetics slant. Avilable with subscription to Tekton E-Block.

Evangelism Tools

Tekton Intellitracts -- gospel tracts with an apologetics slant, intended to appeal to those who might find those, er, "Duck Tracts" too shallow.


Bibliography of recommended resources for study of Biblical culture

Recommended Books on doctrine

Bibliography for the study of preterism

Bibliography of books on the divine claims of Jesus

Recommended Books -- a bibliography of books on the historical Jesus

Other recommended books on Mormonism

Bibliography of resources for interpretation of the New Testament

Bibliography of resources for the history of the canon of the New Testament

Bibliography of resources for historicity of the New Testament

Bibliography of recommended resources on the Old Testament

Bibliography of books on social issues

Bibliography of study materials on the Resurrection

Helpful Links

Deeper Waters -- blog of our ministry partner Nick Peters.

Blue Letter Bible -- includes lexical material and search functions in several versions.

Christian ThinkTank -- Glenn Miller's website. Miller does excellent, in-depth research and his extended essays are well worth the time.

Apologetics Index -- essentially an online encyclopedia of apologetics.

John Ankerberg's ministry -- see Christianity's version of Phil Donahue mix it up!

Creation Ministries International -- I've written several articles for them over the years.

Leadership University -- William Lane Craig's main hangout.

Christian Research Institute -- I've written several articles over the years for these folks, too.

Risen Jesus -- Mike Licona's website.

Summit Ministries -- home of my friend Kevin Bywater.

Ravi Zacharias Ministries -- Mrs. H's favorite apologist (after me, of course)!

Confident Christianity -- Mary Jo Sharp's ministry.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry -- good place for a first-time apologetics binge.

Answering Infidels

Ligonier Ministries -- R. C. Sproul's place.