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To subscribe to the newsletter, please write me -- you can send comments as well, but replies will only be made if a question is asked. There is no charge for the newsletter, which comes out approximately once every 1 1/2 months. The newsletter keeps you up to date on new projects Tekton is pursuing and the corresponding needs of the ministry.

(You can also use this method to unsubscribe if you desire.)

To subscribe to the E-zine, please read the information below.

Tekton E-Block
Online Journal

Beginning in November 2008, the new Tekton E-Block online journal will be the Tekton Ministry's new vehicle for providing you with quality Christian apologetics and commentary.

The E-Block's primary focus for feature articles will be on topics the Tekton ministry has not previously covered: For example, on the subject of wayward Christian leaders (e.g., Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, etc.); issues related to America's Christian heritage, the emergent church, and so on. The E-Block will also feature depth book reviews, which can be about books from any topic, though we will focus on best-selling or popular material. Other topical concerns will be added when reader feedback is analyzed.

For the E-Block, I will follow the writing style of one of my articles for the Christian Research Journal and my book on Mormonism -- straight academic, though written accessibly.

The subscription cost will be only $8 per year for 8 issues. The number of issues will go as high as 10 or even 12 as the E-Block is developed. This cost is tax-deductible as it is essentially a donation to the ministry. (In other words, just as the donation for the CD-ROM version of the site is.) To subscribe, please use one of the PayPal buttons below; or, you may mail a check or money order to Tekton, P. O. Box 112, Clarcona, FL 32710-0112.

(Just donate $8 for one year, $16 for two, etc.)

Subscribers will receive a username and password with which to access the material. A small alert newsletter will provide all the necessary information.

If you are already a subscriber to the ministry, or have donated to the ministry since September 1, 2008, you are aleady eligible to receive the E-Block and will not need to do anything else to receive it.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the new E-Block!