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How You Can Help

Here are a few ways you can help keep this ministry up and running!

If you're a fan of our TektonTV YouTube videos, you can sign up to support them via Patreon.

The sale of these books and materials helps keep us going:

I should note for the record that Amazon Books and Xulon Press will not pay royalties directly to the ministry because of the way the tax system works. I have asked them to do so, but they say it cannot be done that way. So effectively, I am only able to accept payments from them as royalties paid to me personally, and they report it to the IRS as income to me, and so I pay taxes on those royalties. However, your purchase will still help the ministry's efforts because it means I can draw less on ministry resources.

And of course, Tekton also gets commissions when you buy books listed in our bibliographies. You can always help out by buying books from Tekton through Amazon.

You can also donate to Tekton by buying through Amazon Books and their "Smile" program.

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