The Tekton Annotated Bible is an updated version of the former Apologetics Study Bible, available only to subscribers to the Tekton E-Block. Our goal is to make use of the best and most up to date scholarship in composing this study.

Our study is limited to New Testament books for the present. Old Testament books may be considered at a later date. Each book is divided into convenient sections with commentary, and modern applications for each section are noted. See more on the purpose of this below.

Matthew Romans Ephesians 2 Thessalonians Philemon 2 Peter Jude
Mark 1 Corinthians Philippians 1 Timothy Hebrews 1 John Revelation (also see note below)
Luke-Acts 2 Corinthians Colossians 2 Timothy James 2 John  
John Galatians 1 Thessalonians Titus 1 Peter 3 John  

Purpose of the Commentary

The purpose of TAB is twofold. The first is to make the reader aware of any apologetics issues associated with each book. The second is to provide an overview of modern applications. In this regard, it will be noted that much material is designated as having no modern application, save being "exhortative." Such material has no practical application in modern life, save that we might use it to follow, as an example, Peter's behavior, or that of Jesus as an inspiration for us to follow, or to encourage us in our faith. Of course, this does not mean it is useless; it only means that we should not stretch the meaning in order to find a lesson that is not there, which is an unfortunate component of many Bible studies today.

For the present, I have linked to a special article on Revelation for that commentary, as in the future I plan to write a Building Blocks book on eschatology that will include a full commentary on Revelation.

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