Welcome! To the John Farrell Till...

Special thanx to Sackcloth and Ashes.

Yes, you read that right! And we do mean "OUCH" in capitals. After 10 months Till has officially declined a debate challenge (#3 below), hiding behind the pretense of needing "debate guidelines" that were mostly already parallel to those on the TheologyWeb forum where we challenged him, and which he never needed to debate people on his Errancy list in the first place. So then!

  1. "Yahweh's Failed Land Promise"??? -- was Yahweh a bum real estate salesman?
  2. "Preterism or Bust!" -- Farrell told me recently that he thinks preterism is just another excuse for fundies to wash their undies. OK, he should have no problem refuting our stuff then. Let's start with the Olivet Discourse.
  3. "Head in the Sand"? -- did the Bible goof about the ostrich? [Do the ones up there first, Farrell! No peeking! ]

Scholars filled with great delight

What a wonderful time to write

Scholars go! It's Farrell Stomping Day

Put your wading boots on here

Fill that Farrelly Till with fear.

Don't you know it's Farrell Stomping Day

All the little 'pologists

Love those wonderful whining twists

You'll know what this laughs about

When you then beat Farrell's views right out

So, come along and have a laugh

Snap his Farrelly views in half

Grab your books and stump nonsense away

Hip hip hooray, it's Farrell Stomping Day

[Sounds of Farrell Till whining about mistreatment especially from JPHolding]

We just love to feel the beat

Pounding Farrell Till's a treat.

Why we do it, we can say!

For it's such an easy game to play

So let the stomping fun begin

Bash his Farrelly views right in

It's tradition, that makes it okay

Hey everyone, it's Farrell Stomping

We'll have some fun on Farrell Stomping

Get out your books, it's Farrell Stomping Day

Hip Hip Hooray, it's Farrell Stomping Day

Farrell Stomping Day


Also: On Farrell's "response" to the Chicken Challenge...

And for fun, for starters....

  • An essay that I dedicate to Till and many, many other skeptics.