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Our response to items in The Skeptical Review will of course not include 1) items written by Christians also responding 2) anything outside out subjective purview (creation/evolution, existence of God debate, possibility of miracles, political commentary, philosophical issues, etc.) Follow the links for answers to articles highlighted. I also will not bother with things like debate announcements.

  • 1990

    Issue 1, from "The Last Hurrah of the Inerrancy Doctrine" -- on the Exodus genealogies plus this point on the preservation of inerrant copies -- reply to "The Flat-Earth Belief of the Bible Writers" plus here

    Issue 2, reply on Exodus line included in above article; but for matters of Exodus population see here generally; also "A Perfect Work of Harmony" (this debate extended into 1991 issues)

    Issue 3, reply on "Flat-Earth," see above linked article; but see also here and Carlson's The Gospel Hoax on the Secret Gospel of Mark and here for relevant information

    Issue 4, reply to Textual Contradictions in the Bible

  • 1991

    Issue 1, "Yahweh's Failed Land Promise" -- on science and the Bible, only this is in our purview

    Issue 2; for Kings vs, Hosea, see link above -- Bible biology

    Issue 3; for "God of Gods" see here; Wisdom of Solomon (a few comments; this is a non-academic article); More Problems for Bibliolaters

    Issue 4; "Why Didn't they Know?"

  • 1992

    Issue 1, "A Case in Point"; "Did They Tarry in the City?"; "What Happened to the Resurrected Saints?"

    Issue 2, Impossible for God to Lie?"; "A Very Great City"; "The Resurrection Maze"

    Issue 3, "Sarah's Power to Conceive"; "Squeezing Fifty Years Into Twenty"; "Did They or Didn't They?"

    Issue 4, nothing not already addressed

  • 1993

    Issue 1, "A Perfect Work of Harmony?" answered in link above and here "Suffer Little Children" answered here, here, and here; "Does the Bible Speak of the Brain?" answered here.

    Issue 2, "Any Loophole Will Do" answered here; "A Virgin-Birth Prophecy?" answered here, here, here; "An Example of 'Prophecy Fulfillment'" answered here.

    Issue 3, "Will There be Spiders in Heaven?" answered here and here; "Sexual Conduct, Penteteuchal Style" answered here and here; "Myth of Prophecy Fulfillment" answered here and here.

    Issue 4, "Because the Bible Tells Them So" answered in links already above; "Why Did Matthew Need Dead Babies?" answered here and here; "Prophecy Fulfillment and Probability" answered here and here; "Letter from a Dead Man" answered here, with comment also on "How Likely Is It?", and on that see relevant articles here; comments added to the item on the death of Saul.

  • 1994

    Issue 1, "Was the Amalekite Massacre a Moral Atrocity?" answered here; "Did Paul's Men Hear a Voice?" answered here; "Polytheism in Genesis" answered here, and in Chapter 1 of The Mormon Defenders (re the meaning of "image"); "And God Came to Abimelech in a Dream" answered partly here (re the social reasons for Abraham's actions), partly here, partly by simply noting that it is merely "argument by outrage", and partly by asking, "How is only less than a dozen people receiving dreams as prophecies, over a course of about 1400 years, 'unlikely'?"

    Issue 2, "Touring the Middle East Jesus Style" answered here; "No Bastards Allowed" answered here.

    Issue 3, "Is Jesus a Counterfeit?" answered by material here and here; "Hare Jesus" answered here; "Another Flaw in the Perfect Harmony Theory" answered here.

    Issue 4, "Chew on This!" answered here; "Jairus' Daughter" answered here; "Zoroastrianism" answered here.

  • 1995 -- this year TSR had 5 issues

    Issue 1, "Those Amazing Biblical Numbers" and "What About Those Casualty Numbers?" answered here and here; "God Can't Be Tempted?" answered here; "God is Omniscient?" see here and here, plus here for a better understanding of what is meant by "Jesus is God."

    Issue 2, "Still Chewing!" answered here; "What Was a Mamzer?" answered here; "More Trouble for the Perfect-Harmony Theory" answered here.

    Issue 3, "What About These Missing Links?" see Rohl's Pharaohs and Kings; "All Prophets Were False!" see here; "Leaning Over Backwards for God" answered here and here.

    Issue 4, "The Historicity of Jesus" including item on Mara bar-Serpaion answered here; "Fivefold Challenge" answered here; "God's Opinion of Women" answered in series here; "Just Another Far-Fetched How-It-Could-Have-Been" and "Bent Over Double for God" answered here and here.

    Issue 5, "Murder Most High" contains nothing new; see Scripture links for replies

  • 1996 -- starting this year TSR had 6 issues

    Issue 1, "And the Preacher.." answered here; "Prophecy Fulfillment" comments here; "Libel of the Jews" answered here.

    Issue 2, "What Farrell Really Said" answered here and here; "Prophecy Fulfillment" and "What Third-Day Prophecy?" see above; "The Old Logic" see here, or David Rohl's chronology

    Issue 3, Jairus' daughter; "Fulfilled Prophecy" see above

    Issue 4, Did Marco Polo Lie?; "Daniel in the Historians Den" see here; "Put Me Down for Myth" answered here and here.

    Issue 5, "A Matter of Literary Style" answered here; on Tyre answered here; on the women at the tomb, see here and here; re "Family Values": no more than the error of assuming the Biblical stories of moral failure are given as examples to follow verses being lessons of our sinfulness -- no one argues that Abraham, etc. are an examples to follow in the areas referred to.

    Issue 6, "Sins of the Fathers" answered here; "More About Family Values" see note above; "Standing on Quicksand" see links above, issue 5; "Jacob and Old Geezer?" answered here.

  • 1997

    Issue 1, "The Romans, Greeks and So Forth" answered here; "Still More Family Values", commented upon here; "Still Standing on Sinking Sand" see here and here and here and links above; "Distinguishing Fact from Fiction..." see here and here.

    Issue 2, "A Final Look at Family Values" -- mostly the error of thinking the Bible endorses all the bad behavior it reports, but see also here; "Perman Wrap-Up" see above links plus here; "The Nature of the Claim", see above link on extrabiblical miracles; on the Jeremiah 70 years prophecy, as reflected through 1997 issues of TSR, see here.

    Issue 3, "New Testament Family Values", comments here; comments on Jeremiah in link above; see here for Matt. 27:9-10

    Issue 4, "How Did the Apostles Die?", comments here; comments on Jeremiah in link above; "Why Did the Apostles Die?" see link on "How"; on sins of the fathers, see here.

    Issue 5, Jeremiah issue, see above; on women, see here.

    Issue 6, "The 'Error' of Balaam," see here and here; "Inerrantist Tail-chasing" -- see items on pagan miracles above; "Which Bible?", see here and here, as well as here on Trinity issues -- the textual variations have no effect on the real issue; "Serpentine Logic" see our other website,

  • 1998

    Issue 1, on the Bible and women see here; "Judge of All the Earth" see here; "The Man with No Heart" -- merely illicitly applies legal standards to historical investigation, see here; "How Much Can Historical Documents Prove?" -- contains nothing disagreeable in and of itself; as we have noted, even a camera in the empty tomb would not prove that Jesus was divine, rather than say, a space alien, but this hardly poses the problems the writer suggests for believers; "If Dr. Price Denies Zeus..." see here.

    Issue 2, on archaeology see here, and the material of David Rohl's

    Pharaohs and Kings; "The Inerrantist Way...": see general comments on debate with Hatcher; on Daniel material see here; "How the Snake..." see here, plus here -- overall, one cannot see why it is not the pagan myths that are doing the copying.

    Issue 3, on Jeremiah prophecy see above; on Daniel items see above; "The Prophecy Farce" contains nothing new.

    Issue 4, "Primary Colors of the Bible" see here; on Daniel and Jeremiah items see above; "Theological Development..." see here.

    Issues 5 and 6, see above on Daniel and Jeremiah; "Clearing the Confusion Over Babel" see here; "Kosher Baloney" -- we do not defend the arguments addressed.

  • 1999

    Issue 1, "Who's to Blame?" beyond our present scope, though see here for some relevant points; "A Legend in His Own Time" -- we do not dispute, but see here on Joshua's "long day"; "Where to Begin?" -- no answer necessary as it merely reflects not sifting and analyzing data critically, though see here on NT use of OT prophecies and here on the Slaughter of the Innocents; "The Sons of God and the 'Daughters of Men'": we do not disagree with the interpretation.

    Issue 2, "Another Prophecy Failure" see here; on Daniel matters here and in later issues see links above; "Tyre Prophecy Again" see above link.

    Issue 3, "Biblical Anachronisms" see here; "When the Fig Tree Puts Forth Its Leaves" see here; "The Two Faces of the Bible" beyond our present scope.

    Issue 4, "What Have These Sheep Done?" see here for main issue; Daniel issues, see links already provided; "When Did the Wolf...?" we do not defend the argument made; "A Poor Selling Job" contains no new arguments.

    Issue 5, "Lest They Die" merely argument by outrage and poor knowledge of ancient cultural mores; see deSilva's Honor, Patronage, Kinship and Purity for a more informed view; "The Pentateuch" see here, plus Chapter 1 of The Mormon Defenders on graven images -- much else is merely argument from silence and about anachronisms (see above) or else merely vague and unsubstantiated ("several law codes" with no comparison to other ancient law codes); "Grasshoppers" etc. see here; "The Failure of Isaiah's Prophetic Rantings" see on Tyre.

    Issue 6, "Cassie and Jesus" beyond our scope; What Men with David?"; "Where Up is Down..." just the usual "argument by outrage" but see here on Luke 6:30 and items linked above on the Canaanites, Midianites, and Amalekites; "Observations on the Use of 'Genea'..." see fig tree link, issue 3.

  • 2000

    Issue 1, "Legacy of Human Sacrifice," see here, here and here; Daniel material (here and in further articles) see above links, except minor point here on the Medes and Isaiah/Jeremiah; Gen. 36:31 see here.

    Issue 2, "We Are Still Here," see here; material on historical crimes of the church outside our purview.

    Issue 3, "Jesus Accursed of God", see here; "Twisting in the Wind" and other material on the Pentateuch, see here, here, here, here and here, plus here on livestock and here on the 10 Commandments; human sacrifice issue see above.

    Issue 4, "Round Earth Religion", see here; other material outside our purview.

    Issue 5, material on church history outside our purview; see above on Pentateuch authorship and here on JEDP theory, plus here on Midianites/Ishamaelites.

    Issue 6, "The Evolution of God," see here.

  • 2001

    Issue 1, "Which is More Likely?" -- merely a begged question; Daniel material, here and in later issues, see above links; "The Point That Hutchinson Evades" see here.

    Issue 2, all Daniel

    Issue 3, more Daniel, but see also here on eschatology issues

    Issue 4, "Daniel and the Resurrection" see here; see above on Daniel and eschatology; "The Numbers of the Book" see here.

    Issue 5, "The Religion Dilemma" see here, here and here, plus more Daniel

    Issue 6, "The Pagan Origins of Resurrection" see here and here.

  • 2002

    Issue 1: Re Jehu: Kings vs Hosea. It adds nothing new that we have not already refuted. It extends into issue 2.

    Issue 2: On "Pagan DNA" see here and here; "Absence of Evidence" see here and here and here. We do not take the view responded to about the food laws; on that see here.

    Issue 3: On eschatology see here.

    Issue 4: Comments. On Daniel see links above.

    Issue 5: See here for answers within.

    Issue 6: On 2 Samuel, see principles here, and see also here on genealogies; on preterism see link above. Comments on personal and other issues here.1

    The following are on items from the new TSR website. I'm inclined for now to ignore their "miscellaneous articles" which don't make the main cut.

    • On Osiris and Resurrection
    • For the item by DellaVarde, use the index to Scriptures; no new arguments are offered.
    • For J. E. Hill's item of 12/02, see here and here
    • For item of 1/03 ("Your Children Are Not Safe") see here and here.
    • For item of 12/03 ("Traditional Biblical Inerrancy") see here.
    • For item on ASA Jones, see here
    • We will leave item on Mark McFall and the resurrection for McFall to defend; there is nothing new in it at any rate.