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How did Aaron survive the killing of the Hebrew babies?
Abdallah, Osama
Muslim apologist.
Philistine king of Gerar. Because his name is Semitic, this is sometimes pointed to as an error. But see the relevant portion of our article on the mention of Philistines in Genesis and Exodus.

I have some friends in the pro-life movement; this is my nod to them.
Acharya S
Christ-myther who uses badly outdated sources. Now writes under the name D. M. Murdock.
Ancient pagan deity, sometimes sourced for the pagan Christ-myth idea; see here.
A belief held by heretics in the early church that supposed that Jesus was just an "average Joe" whom God picked to put the Christ spirit on. Some critics say that the Bible teaches this view. For a response to this idea, see here

What is it? Love by any name? Not exactly -- see here.
Source of pagan copycat charges.
I personally don't get the allure of the stuff.

Alexander of Abonuteichos
Alleged social pagan-copycat for Jesus. See here.
Allen, Steve
Skeptic of the recent past.
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    • Review of Allen's books by guest writer Jeffrey Stueber
Alcides of Thebes
Alleged pagan copycat figure. See here.
Ally, Shabir
Muslim apologist. See responses here. [Off Site]
These were ancient Israel's biggest headache other than the Philistines.

Some argue that the word "Amen" (first used in Numbers 5:22, and thereafter a lot in Deuteronomy, and on up into the NT) was somehow derived from the Egyptian god Amun-Re, with the implication that in using the word we are thanking a pagan god. Here's a corrective for that idea from Marvin Wilson's Our Father Abraham [182ff]. The word "amen" is part of a family of Hebrew words stemming from the verb aman, to believe or trust. (Gen. 15:6, "And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness.") Other related words are emunah, "faithfulness" or "steadfastness" and emet or "truth."
Muslim apologist who thinks he's an expert in Biblical textual criticism because he knows how to quote mine. Review of his Hunting for the Word of God and followup.
"Faith of the Founders" material.

Amirault, Gary
Arguer against eternal punishment. Our answers to his questions on hell here.
Alleged discrepancies in Scripture involving statements not in accord with the time the document reports or the time it was written. Here is a general response with links to specific Scriptural issues.

Anderson, Neil
Purveyor of a very unusual demonological theory. See here. [Off Site]
Andrews, Seth
Here's a review of his Deconverted.
Idea that the souls of the wicked will be totally destroyed, not endure hell.
For discussion of this issue, see our entry on Judaism.
Apocrypha (OT)
Books that didn't make the OT cut.

Apollonius of Tyana
Source of pagan copycat charges.
Were Paul and Apollos unfriendly rivals? -- part of a reply to Earl Doherty
Aquarian Gospel
Review by Edgar Goodspeed [Off Site]
Bible villians, often called the Syrians.

Not my specialty, so here are a bunch of links:
Archko Volume
Well-intentioned but false document.
A genre of ancient biography invented by Morton Smith in an attempt to mythologize the Gospels. See here for a critique.

Does the name "Arimathea" suggest Joseph was a fake?
Armstrong, Karen
Former nun. See here.
Arnheim, Michael
Author of a most-pretentiously titled book that fails to deliver.

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Arthur, Kay
Popular Bible teacher. Comments.
Assemblies of Yahweh
Watchman Fellowship overview
A quality of people of Bible times that is not appreciated today. See here for comments.
Summary item here and here. For the more amusing side, see here.
See also Salvation
Attis of Phrygia
Source of pagan copycat charges.
Atrott, Hans
Review of Jesus' Bluff
Atwill, Joseph
Review of Caesar's Messiah plus followup.
Aus, Roger
Review of The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus and the Death, Burial and Translation of Moses in Judaic Tradition here
Avalos, Hector
Biblical scholar who wants to "end" Biblical studies. Evaluation of his works here. Reply to his comments on Glenn Miller [Order January-February 2010 back issue].