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Jacobsen, Paul
Skeptical replier to Strobel's Case for Faith and Case for the Real Jesus. Our comments here.
Jakes, T. D.
See our 2-part series here.
Council where the OT may have been fixed.
Jasher, Book of
A lost book, but some people don't realize that yet.
JEDP theory
For material on individual books, check the Scripture Indexes by book name. Articles analyze individual passages in terms of the JEDP theory.

Jeffrey, Grant
See our article here.
Jehovah's Witnesses
A large subject, of course. We'll break this down into many subcategories. You might prefer to search by Scripture cite or other subject if you have one in mind.

"Jesus Police"
A website run by a clinical psychologist. It uses sources like G. A. Wells, Alvar Ellegard, Joseph Wheless, and even Acharya S. Real scholarship is absent (other than Bart Ehrman). It uses arguments like these: "By the time of Claudius, around 46, the title...had been changed to 'procurator' and Tacitus made the mistake, in about 115, of attaching this title to Pilate." (Wroe, 1999, p. 65) (See our article on Tacitus; even the most credible atheist on the Secular Web has dropped this argument.) It even recommends The Hiram Key, calling it a "must read" and saying "most of its conclusions are supported by sufficient evidence to be a good starting-off spot for the enthusiastic student." In all, offering nothing not substantially refuted elsewhere on this site.
Jesus Seminar

John the Baptist
Johnson, B. C.
Author of the Atheist Debater's Handbook -- and nothing else we know of.
  • Articles
    • Review of the Atheist Debater's Handbook by Jeffrey Stueber
Jones, Edgar
Author of a site called, who paints Paul as the big villian.

Joseph of Arimathea
Does the name "Arimathea" suggest Joseph was a fake?
Judaism vs. Christianity
Disrespects Paul. See here.
Judas Iscariot