This section is about Christian doctrines, aside from those having to do with the divinity of Jesus, which is covered here.

Salvation, Faith and Works

Is baptism required for salvation? -- also discusses the relationship between faith and works.

Interpreting Matthew 25 -- is this a picture of what happens to the saved and unsaved, and how does it relate to requirements for salvation?

What is original sin? -- are we being unfairly penalized for the sins of our ancestors?

The atonement -- a defense of penal substitution

Heaven and Hell

Is annihilationism Biblical? -- an examination of the claim that the Bible teaches that the wicked will be annihiliated (made non-existent) after death.

What is the nature of hell? -- is it a place of literal flames and torture -- or do those images mean something else?

What is the nature of the afterlife before resurrection? -- a look at "soul sleep"

Biblical Inerrancy

What is inspiration? -- does it mean God dictated the Scriptures?

Why do we not have inerrant copies of the Bible? -- doctrinal statements say that only the originals of the Bible were inerrant, but couldn't God have preserved perfect copies?

How was the NT canon formed? -- was it a random process, or one fixed by people in power?

The Godhead

On the virgin birth -- was Jesus really born of a virgin?

The deity and personhood of the Holy Spirit -- some groups say the Spirit is an impersonal force, or not divine. This article answers such claims.

Other Issues

The Five Points of TULIP -- a mini-series. I end up being a "one and a half point Calvinist" but I don't think either side has it all right.

Did God err in creating us? -- also asks, "Could Jesus have sinned?"

God's Prime Directive -- why doesn't God step in and stop evil?

Teaching Resources

Recommended Books on doctrine