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This page lists all of our other major hub pages.

General Information

Tekton Welcome Hub -- all about the ministry, its mission, and who runs it.

Programmatic Essays -- articles that set the theme for the ministry

Reader's Choice -- our twenty most-read essays


Did Jesus exist? -- also see related hub on claim that the Bible was based on stolen pagan myths

Did Jesus claim to be God? -- a study of the divine claims of Jesus

The Resurrection -- on the core of our faith

Christian Beliefs

Everyday Christian living -- applications to daily life and current "hot button" issues

Doctrines of Christianity -- what we believe and why

End Times -- materials about eschatology


New Testament

Old Testament

Variant Beliefs

Variations within Christendom


Minor variations

Teaching and Study Resources

Social and Cultural World of the Bible -- resources for understanding the Bible better

Thoughtful books -- non-apologetics books I have found helpful

Bible and science

Resources hub page

Bible Study Tools -- versions, commentaries, and all kinds of good root resource material