This section contains essays about everyday issues we all confront, including "hot button" issues in popular culture.

Social Issues

Capital Punishment -- is it Biblical to execute criminals? A look at some objections.

Corporal Punishment -- in the main, an answer to those who say the Bible teaches this to an extreme

Homosexuality -- with respect to Leviticus 18 and Paul's letters, asking whether homosexuality is condemned

Abortion -- looks at claims that the Bible permits or even endorses abortion

Gambling -- what does the Bible say about this? Not much -- but we can still learn a few things about it.

Wealth and Poverty -- Biblically, are we all supposed to be poor?

Wine and Alcohol -- does the Bible give us permission to imbibe? A look at some arguments from both sides, and exegesis of passages that mention alcohol.

Voting -- should Christians take part in the political process?

Biblical Practice and Living

What is Faith? -- Once we contextualize certain important words, their meaning shifts dramatically. Also part of this series: What is hope? What is love? What is mercy? What is worship? What is humility? What is repentance? What is wisdom? What is forgiveness?

What is the unforgivable sin? -- Is "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" something you can do just by "saying it"? Or is it something else? And does it mean loss of salvation?

Obeying authorities -- a look at Romans 13.

The role of the OT Law for the Christians -- what was the purpose of the OT law, and what application does it have for us today?

Can a Christian remarry after divorce? -- sadly, divorce is all too common; but once it is done, under what circumstances can a Christian Biblically remarry?

Is tithing for today? -- is 10% the norm for giving, or has the New Testament set some new rules?

How to use your Bible -- some suggestions on how to study the text and make your study more profitable.

What is the purpose of prayer? -- is prayer for getting things that we want? And how do we understand passages that seem to say this?


Is contemporary Christian music bad? -- I don't care for most music myself, but here's a look at some moral and spiritual issues raised on the subject.

Are musical instruments permitted in worship? -- a particular answer to claims made by the Church of Christ.

The Christian and fantasy literature -- what is the Christian to do with fictional works? Also offers some profiles of various fictional and entertainment franchises (e.g., Pokemon, Dragonball Z, etc.)

Vegetarianism -- a look at claims by the Christian Vegetarian Association

Hot Topics in Apologetics

Bill Maher's Religulous this 2008 movie criticized many religions, but mostly Christianity. Is Bill Maher a credible source?

William Young's The Shack -- this fictional work has become a best seller, especially with Christians -- but does it offer sound principles?

The Gospel of Judas -- is this an authentic document that rivals the four Gospels?

The Zeitgeist movie -- see entries on this page. This popular online movie teaches that Christianity was stolen from pagan myths.

Tom Harpur's The Pagan Christ -- this was a popular best seller in Canada for an extended period

Brian Flemming's The God Who Wasn't There -- a movie by an apostate Christian which teaches that Jesus did not exist. How well do its claims hold up?

The Lost Tomb of Jesus -- a sensationalist claim to have found the "family tomb" of Jesus. How well does their evidence of DNA, statistics, and so on hold up to examination?

Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code -- it's still heard about now and then -- how reliable is this work of fiction when it comes to what it claims is fact?

Teaching Resources

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