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Davies, Stevan
Proponent of the Gospel of Thomas.
DaVinci Code
Our summary material here with a link to a detailed critique written in cooperation with Bob and Gretchen Passantino of Answers in Action.
Dawkins, Richard
Alleged pagan copycat savior figure. See here.
Dead Sea Scrolls
Death Penalty
Does the Bible support capital punishment?
Deedat, Ahmed
Muslim apologist. See responses here. [Off Site]
Del Tondo, Douglas
Anti-Paul demagogue. Response here.
Detering, Hermann
Radical critic who thinks all of Paul's letters are fakes. Comments here.
Dialogue with Trypho
Work of Justin Martyr offering his dialogue with a skeptical Jew.
Diehl, Dennis
Ex-pastor with a feature titled "Questions Pastors Hate". There is nothing new in this feature; it is merely items we have already answered (by link or directly) and a bit outside our scope (evolution/Noah's Ark).

Diehl's lack of scholarship is illustrated well by his saying of Joshua 10, I asked him how oceans would not slop out of their basins in such a scenario and drown the whole world? I asked him if humans would not be cast into space by such a sudden stop of the entire planet? If God can stop a planet from rotating, he can't do something about the resultant inertia?

He also asks the standard questions resolved here and here. A Ph.D. physical chemist answered of his questions, "Of course not! Didn't this guy bother to check with someone who knows physics?" His calculations are here, and anyone who wants to challenge them can take it up with him.

Diehl's lack of scholarship is also illustrated by his acceptance of the standard arguments about NT misuse of the OT (see here) and his not knowing that the question asked by the disciples in John 9 of the man born blind does not relate to sin "in a previous life" but rather to Jewish discussions over whether a child could sin in the womb.

Diehl asks, "So is it just me, or are these good questions to ask about the text and theology of the Bible?"'s just him. While pastors might only be marginally informed themselves, if Diehl wanted real answers he'd do some serious research in credible scholarly sources. He does not, and so he warrants no more than this entry as a reply.

It should also be noted that Diehl was once a member of the Worldwide Church of God, when it was still fully regarded as a cult, and is now a therapeutic masseur.

Greek god of wine, source of pagan copycat charges.
Also called "shepherding" and used by some groups as a control mechanism. See comments here with how this is used by some "Christian" groups.
"Divine Man" figure
Or, theios aner. For relevant commemnts see this article. [Off Site]
Doherty, Earl
Dolan, Chester
Review of Holy Daze by Jeff Stueber
Dowling, Levi
  • Articles
    • Review by Edgar Goodspeed [Off Site]
Drews, Arthur
Turn of the century Christ-myther.
Ancient Sumerian deity, also named Tammuz, sometimes alleged to have been an influence on Christianty. For a response, see here.
Dunn, James D. G.
Review of Did the First Christians Worship Jesus?
Dyer, Wayne
Popular self-help guru.