This section is about arguments for and against the historical Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In 2010 we will be publishing a new resource titled Defending the Resurrection that will be an update to this material.

Tekton Resource

Defending the Resurrection -- Thorough defense of the Resurrection as an historical event. There are nearly 50 chapters, covering a defense of the Resurrection from a variety of objections, including some chapters that are expansions on our materials below.

Hub page for the book here

Exegetical Issues

Does 1 Cor. 15 teach a "spiritual resurrection"? -- some interpret Paul as saying that there was no physical body resurrected, and use this to advance a "hallucination hypothesis".

Harmonizing the Gospels -- a broad series on the literary practices of the NT world that resolve claims of contradiction, and a comparison of four biographies of Lincoln

Did Jesus predict his death and resurrection? -- some critics say he did not, as a way of adding to their naturalistic theories.

Was Joseph of Arimathea a myth?

The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus by William Lane Craig [Off Site]

Philosophical Issues

Michael Martin and the Prior Probability of Jesus' Resurrection

Ideological Issues

Was the Resurrection story stolen from pagan myths? -- a series on various reputedly "died and resurrected" deities

Was Jesus' resurrection nothing unusual? -- part of a reply to C. Dennis McKinsey

Social Issues

The Impossible Faith -- Offers 17 reasons why Christianity could not have survived in the ancient world unless it had indisputable evidence of the resurrection of Jesus. Now available in book form from, and updated in depth in Defending the Resurrection

Historical Issues

Did Joseph of Arimathea not exist? -- an argument made to subvert the point that Jesus was buried in his tomb

Critical Reviews

These essays also provide answers to common naturalist theories (e.g., stolen body, hallucination, etc.) although we are reserving some material for the new resource in 2010.

Review of The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond the Grave

Review of "Why I Don't Buy the Resurrection Story"

Historical Defenses

The Disciples' Inspection of the Empty Tomb by W. L. Craig [Off Site]

Easter: Myth, Hallucination, or History? by Edwin Yamauchi [Off Site]

Could the Resurrection appearances have been a group hallucination? [Off Site]

A Closer Look at the Subjective Visions Hypothesis by "Wildcat"

Teaching Resources

Bibliography of study materials on the Resurrection