This hub page is for articles on deviant religious groups or persons of a less significant stature. If the group you are looking for is not listed here, please try the Apologetics Index [another site] or Watchman Ministries [another ministry].

Christian Variations

Major belief systems considered to be within the pale of orthodoxy.

Church of Christ -- on their ban on musical instruments.

Emergent Church -- evaluations of Brian McLaren and Rob Bell.

Open theism -- Also called "neotheism". Critique.

Orthodox Church -- The Orthodox church and icons, and on departed saints, and prayer

Popular Christian Teachers and Books

Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger's The Simple Church

Frank Viola's Pagan Christianity -- a review and chapter by chapter critique

Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life.

William Young's The Shack

Pseudo-Christian Variations

Any minor group or person that maintains some form of Christianity or pseudo-Christianity aside from its variations.

Amirault, Gary -- universalist of Tentmaker Ministries. See comments here regarding hell.

Bercot, David -- well-intentioned, but misuses patristic sources.

"Bible Wheel" -- something of an apologetics gimmick.

Clark, John (aka "Pastor John's House") -- minor cult centered in North Carolina. Commentary on views of the Trinity

Fish, Darwin -- also sees widespread corruption.

Jones, Edgar --; rejects Pauline material.

Liberated Christians -- has a rather free view of sexuality. Please see a listing of articles under their encyclopedia entry here.

Moore, L. David -- Review of The Christian Conspiracy

Nelson, Scott -- "Judaism vs. Christianity" website

New Covenant Church of God -- Summary article and a look at their view that the Holy Spirit is female

Oneness Pentacostals -- review of Greg Boyd's Oneness Pentacostals and the Trinity

Smith, L. Ray -- of "" Comments on his articles on the word aionios; on the Trinity and on hell.

Stevens, Neville -- dislikes the book of Galatians.

Townsley, Jeramy -- argues that David and Jonathan may have been gay. -- promotes polygamy.

Viola, Frank -- house church advocate. Review of Pagan Christianity

Non-Christian Variations

Minor groups or persons with little or no connection to or semblance of Christian beliefs.

Lash, John Lamb -- modern Gnostic. Review of Not in His Image

Segal, Gerald -- Jewish anti-missionary

Yosef, Uri -- Jewish anti-missionary. Comments on his article on Jesus as a sinner and on Micah 5