This page features some of our articles on the Old Testament. Essays are ordered by range of Biblical books.

The Pentateuch

Was the creation account stolen from pagan myth? -- Which came first, Genesis or Enuma Elish?

On criticisms of the Ten Commandments are they useful, or are they bad for us? Also, are there two versions of the Commandments?

The logistics of the Exodus -- answering questions of how all those people managed to do things like eat, clean themselves, etc., plus a look at whether the population figures are excessive.

On Biblical genealogies -- examines the nature and purpose of genealogies in the Biblical world and explains problems with them.

Essays on the JEDP theory -- the JEDP theory holds that the Pentateuch was composed by 4 different authors at different times. These essays examine that theory.

Was Onan treated unfairly? -- was it right for God to kill this man?

Was God unfair to the Egyptians? [Off Site] -- did God kill a lot of innocent people?

The role of the law -- what is the nature and purpose of the OT law, and how does it relate to Christians today?

Was God unfair to the Midianites? [Off Site] -- on incidents in Numbers

Was God unfair to the Canaanites? [Off Site] -- on incidents in Numbers as well as Joshua

The History Books

The evidence for Jericho -- did this city really fall to the Israelites?

Was God unfair to the Amalekites? [Off Site] -- on incidents in First Samuel

The authenticity of Esther -- a historical defense of this book

Did Jephthah really kill his daughter? -- on this incident in Judges

Other Issues

Why doesn't the OT mention doctrines like hell? -- doesn't it seem odd that some things we believe in are not mentioned in the OT?

Does the Bible teach that the Earth is flat? -- a look at this and other questions of Biblical cosmology.

What about the "lost tribes"? -- are the lost tribes of Israel really lost?

How was the OT canon formed? -- who put together the collection of books, and how?

Is Satan's "biography" found in Ezekiel and Isaiah? -- do these passages really refer to Satan, or just to someone else?

Teaching Resources

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