This section is about arguments that Jesus didn't exist -- not even as a person who walked the earth. A related issue that Jesus did not exist but was created from stories of pagan myths is covered on another hub page.

General Essays

Foundational Points -- some preliminary guidelines on the question.

Related Issues

Was Joseph of Arimathea a myth?

Jesus Not Mentioned by Ancient Writers? -- commentary on a list originally created by John Remsberg

Did Nazareth Exist? -- scanned chapter from my book Shattering the Christ Myth answering Rene Salm and other "Nazareth mythers".

The Secular Sources

Non-Christian texts that mention Jesus.



Mara bar-Serapion




The Talmud

Thallus -- just a discussion of some accessory objections; include a link to a more thorough treatment, and a comparison of views.

Helpful Links

Refuting the Myth That Jesus Never Existed -- general overview by James Hannam [Off Site]

Metacrock's Historical Jesus Pages [Off Site]

Critical Reviews

Essays and book reviews on persons who promote "copycat" theories (other than "copycat" theories -- for that, see here.

Cutner, Herbert

Doherty, Earl

Ellegard, Alvar

Flemming, Brian -- The God Who Wasn't There

Humphreys, Ken ( -- listen to my debate with Humphreys on Premier Christian Radio. Also a debate he had with my ministry partner Nick Peters.

McKinsey, C. Dennis

Wells, G. A.

Teaching Resources

Shattering the Christ Myth -- my own book, with several chapters on the subject; hub page for the book here

Recommended Books -- a bibliography of books on the historical Jesus