This section is about the historical accuracy and reliability of the New Testament.

Authenticity of the New Testament

These materials deal with the authorship of NT books. Not all books are questioned in these terms. For a review of the evidence concering all NT books, see our resource Trusting the New Testament.

The Gospels and Acts



The Pastoral Letters -- 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus

1 and 2 Peter [Off Site]

Literary Composition of the Gospels

A Study of Marcan priority and the "Q" document -- on how the Gospels were composed

The genre of the Gospels -- a look at the texts as ancient biogrpahies

The Transmission of the New Testament

How reliably were the contents of the New Testament handed down to us?

Oral Tradition and the New Testament -- was information passed on unreliably as in the game of "telephone"?

The Textual Transmission of the New Testament -- how reliably was the New Testament copied from the original writings?

The Canon of the New Testament -- how was it decided?

On "Silences" in the Gospels -- is there any problem in that one Gospel author may mention something another does not?

Harmonization Series -- on reconciling differences between the Gospels. Includes a comparison using four biogrpahies of Abraham Lincoln, and information on ancient literary techniques.

Historicity of the New Testament

Are the birth narratives in contradiction? -- can Matthew and Luke be reconciled? Related issue: Is Matthew's "Slaughter of the Innocents" historical?

The Historicity of the Trial of Jesus -- a look at the numerous objections raised against the accuracy of the trial accounts.

Paul: Acts vs. Epistles -- resolving claims of contradiction between these two sections of the NT, as well as claims of poor history in Acts

Teaching Resources

Trusting the New Testament -- our ministry resource, with several chapters on the subject, including updated material on several issues on this page.

Bibliography of resources for interpretation of the New Testament

Bibliography of resources for the history of the canon of the New Testament

Bibliography of resources for historicity of the New Testament