This section contains essays about everyday issues we all confront, including "hot button" issues in popular culture.

Social Issues

Capital Punishment -- is it Biblical to execute criminals? A look at some objections.

Corporal Punishment -- in the main, an answer to those who say the Bible teaches this to an extreme

Homosexuality -- with respect to Leviticus 18 and Paul's letters, asking whether homosexuality is condemned

Abortion -- looks at claims that the Bible permits or even endorses abortion

Gambling -- what does the Bible say about this? Not much -- but we can still learn a few things about it.

Wealth and Poverty -- Biblically, are we all supposed to be poor?

Wine and Alcohol -- does the Bible give us permission to imbibe? A look at some arguments from both sides, and exegesis of passages that mention alcohol.

Voting -- should Christians take part in the political process?

Biblical Practice and Living

What is Faith? -- Once we contextualize certain important words, their meaning shifts dramatically. Also part of this series: What is hope? What is love? What is mercy? What is worship? What is humility? What is repentance? What is wisdom? What is forgiveness?

What is the unforgivable sin? -- Is "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" something you can do just by "saying it"? Or is it something else? And does it mean loss of salvation?

Obeying authorities -- a look at Romans 13.

The role of the OT Law for the Christians -- what was the purpose of the OT law, and what application does it have for us today?

Can a Christian remarry after divorce? -- sadly, divorce is all too common; but once it is done, under what circumstances can a Christian Biblically remarry?

Is tithing for today? -- is 10% the norm for giving, or has the New Testament set some new rules?

How to use your Bible -- some suggestions on how to study the text and make your study more profitable.

What is the purpose of prayer? -- is prayer for getting things that we want? And how do we understand passages that seem to say this?


Is contemporary Christian music bad? -- I don't care for most music myself, but here's a look at some moral and spiritual issues raised on the subject.

Are musical instruments permitted in worship? -- a particular answer to claims made by the Church of Christ.

The Christian and fantasy literature -- what is the Christian to do with fictional works? Also offers some profiles of various fictional and entertainment franchises (e.g., Pokemon, Dragonball Z, etc.)

Vegetarianism -- a look at claims by the Christian Vegetarian Association

Teaching Resources

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