This section is for our material on Mormonism, which is one of our special areas of focus..

Special Essays

The Epistemic Value of the Mormon Internal Witness

What Joseph Smith Failed to Restore -- if Joseph Smith was restoring original Christianity, why did he miss certain important things?

A Critical Evaluation of the Prophecies of Joseph Smith

Contradictions and Harmonizations in Mormon Scriptures

On Mormon Splinter Groups -- Mormons point to division within Christendom as evidence for the need for restoration -- but they have their own problems in that regard

Mormon Theology

The Mormon Doctrine of Salvation -- should be read in light of our article here on the relation of faith and works

The Mormon Doctrine of Christ -- article dealing with verses and ideas particularly used by Mormon; should be read in light of our general treatment of the issue of the relationship between Father and Son

The Mormon Rejection of Creation Ex Nihilo

The Mormon Doctrine of Postmortem Evangelization

The Mormon Doctrine of the Aaronic and Melcizedek Priesthood

Mormon Internal Evidences

Izapa Stela 5 and Popular Mormon Apologetics

Reviews of Mormon Books

Latter Days by Coke Newell [Review]

Restoring the Ancient Church by Barry Bickmore [Review]

Offenders for a Word by Stephen Ricks and Daniel Peterson [Review]

Mormonism: Faith of the Twenty-First Century by Edward Watson [Review]

Biblical Mormonism by Richard Hopkins [Review]

A Different Jesus by Robert Millet [Review]

Teaching Resources

The Mormon Defenders -- our ministry resource -- request via

Response to the review of The Mormon Defenders in the FARMS Review of Books

Other recommended books on Mormonism