This hub page is for articles on eschatology, or "end times" theology. I maintain a position known as orthodox preterism. If you have not heard of this view, please begin with the Foundational Material for background.

Foundational Material

Background information on orthodox preterism.

What is preterism?

On The Day of the Lord in preterist terms

Present-Orientation as a Support of Preterist Eschatology

The binding of Satan

Old Testament Interpretation

The Book of Daniel in preterist eschatology

New Testament Interpretation

The Olivet Discourse

On the "Soon" Return of Jesus by Dee Dee Warren

Preterism and Paul's letters

Preterism and Hebrews and the Catholic Epistles

Revelation -- on date and interpretation

Responses to "Full Preterism"

Full preterism is a heretical variation of orthodox preterism.

Is It a Duck? by Dee Dee Warren [Off Site]

Raising Cain: Resurrection and Preterism by Dee Dee Warren

Preston, Don -- response to, "Resurrection from What Death?"

General Critique

Responses to Critiques of Orthodox Preterism

Allison, Dale in Jesus of Nazareth: Millenarian Prophet

Craig, William Lane

By "DOV"

By Norman Geisler"

Ice, Thomas in Has Bible Prophecy Already Been Fulfilled? and The End Times Controversy

In-Depth Bible Studies

Spargimino, Larry -- review of The Anti-Prophets

Stanley Toussaint

Teaching Resources

Bibliography for the study of preterism