Index: Daniel

Daniel is a mix of historical narrative and prophetic oracles. Given Daniel's position he may have written and collected it all himself. Many of the entries below lead to some part of my major piece on Daniel. Start at the beginning to read general obejctions to Daniel's canonicity and date. Go here for arguments about late Persian and Greek words in Daniel. For yet more early-dating evidence, go here and here. [Off Site]

Daniel 1:1
Daniel 2:2, 4-5, 10 etc.
Is referral to Chaldeans anachronistic?
Daniel 2:11
One Skeptic claims that this verse rules out any possibility of an Incarnation as happened with Jesus. This verse has no application to the Incarnation, for it refers only to the pagan gods of Babylon, is used in the present tense, and as a clincher, is merely a statement of the Babylonian priests and reflects only their knowledge and opinions.
Daniel 2:18-20
Is there a time mess-up involved in this passage?
Daniel 3
Where is Daniel while his three friends are being toasted?
Daniel 4
Is Nebuchadnezzar's insanity historical?
Daniel 4:13, 23
Does the word "watcher" indicate a late date?
Daniel 5:1-30
Is referral to Belshazzar as 'king' and 'son' of Nebuchadnezzar incorrect?
Daniel 5:31ff
Darius the Mede: Fact or Fiction? This section also comments on the historicity of Darius' religious decree and covers other objections concerning him.
Daniel 6:1
Is reference to 120 satraps correct?
Daniel 7, 9:24-7
Daniel and eschatology
Daniel 7-8
The Four Kingdoms: Evidence for a Late Date?
Daniel 9
Did the Jews understand the "weeks" as years? [Off Site]
Daniel 9:2
Is referral to "scriptures" anachronistic?
Daniel 9:24-27
Do Christians misuse this passage?
Daniel 11:44-5
Is this passage in error about Antiochus?