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Is Easter a pagan holiday? -- see our ebook and vid below
Were these the true Christians? [Off Site] See also here.
Ebon Musings
Site belonging to Adam Marczyk, a disciple of Earl Doherty, mostly into evolution vs. creation, but has stepped into the sort of issues we delve into on this site -- see here.
Ehrman, Bart
NT scholar specializing in textual criticism. For some comments, see here. We also have several of his books reviewed:
Eisenman, Robert
Review of James the Brother of Jesus: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Eisenbaum, Pamela
Author of Paul Was Not a Christian. See review by Nick Peters here.
Ellegard, Alvar
Author of Jesus: One Hundred Years Before Christ. See review here.
Ellerbe, Helen
Author of The Dark Side of Christian History, an exceptionally unreliable piece. See comments here.
Elliott, Michael
Review of Faithful Feelings.
Enns, Peter
Depth look at The Bible tells Me So.
Are they part of Biblical worship? See here for comments.
Hub page.
Jewish group of the first century that's always drafted for conspiracy theories.
  • Articles
    • Review by Edgar Goodspeed of an item claiming Jesus was an Essene [Off Site]
    • A summary of differences between Christianity and Essenism
High-pressure folks using cultic tactics. See a personal view here.
Esus of the Druids
Alleged pagan copycat savior. See here for comments.
Eternal Security
I.e., perseverance of the saints -- I doctrine I disagree with. see here.
Eusebius the Liar? [Off Site] -- against the claim that Eusy advocated lying for the faith
All of these are off site.
Essay on restoring apologetics to evangelism. Also see item by guest author Will Lawson here.
Evans, Rachel Held
Critical review of A Year of Biblical Womanhood.
Evans, Tony
See here for comments.
I'm no scientist, so expect mostly links here. I prefer to refer folks to my friends at Creation Ministries International. Others have recommended Access Research Network as well as Institute for Creation Research and Northwest Creation Network.