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Faid, Robert
Prophecy author who thought Gorbachev was the Antichrist. Profile here.
Faith and Works
  • Articles
    • Is baptism necessary for salvation? -- part of a broad article that also touches on the general faith-works relationship question. Links at the end explain how various other Bible-oriented/Christian groups misunderstand the doctrine.
    • Fallacious Faith? -- an essay on the definition of "faith"
Personal interest subject for me.
Farley, Andrew
Review of The Naked Gospel.
Tread lightly here.
Fiddler Zvi
Jewish anti-misisonary sort.
Fish, Darwin
See here for a response, including links.
Fish symbol
This Christian symbol is often alleged to have pagan origins. See here for a response.
Fitzgerald, David
Fundamentalist atheist and Christ myther, author of Nailed. See here for a response.
Flemming, Brian
Review of The God Who Wasn't There
What is forgiveness?
The Forum
High-pressure folks using cultic tactics. See a personal view here.
Fraley, Bob
End times theorist. See here for some comments.
Freeman, Charles
Review of New History of Earliest Christianity.
See here [Off Site]
Freke, Timothy
Co-author of the Jesus Mysteries pagan copycat book. For issues related to copycat charges, see the name of the alleged copycatted deity.

  • Articles
    • Review of The Jesus Mysteries.
    • Review of Jesus and the Lost Goddess.
    • Review of The Laughing Jesus.
    • The Gospel of the Second Coming, mini-review: This book has Jesus-the-literary-mouthpiece praising Freke and Gandy's previous works, written as a gnostic parable with walk-on parts by historical figures "admitting" they made stuff up, e.g. Eusebius wrote Josephus' Testimonium. There's an introduction by "Professor Faye Kinnit" (sic), a disclaimer that reads: Do Not Believe Everything You Read (spelt backwards in a funny script), really odd language (yes, they really put four letter Anglo-Saxonisms into Jesus' mouth), unsubtle sexual references, and what can only be called temper tantrums. We have to call this one little more than a blasphemous rant.
    • Was Paul a Gnostic?
Alleged pagan copycat Christ. See here.
Friedman, Richard Elliott
JEDP popularist.

  • Articles
    • Review of Who Wrote the Bible?
    • Review of The Hidden Book in the Bible
Furtick, Steven
Comments here.