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Gabriel, Richard
Review of Jesus the Egyptian here
Articles on his role vs the church here, and here. Our video below!
Some comments.
Gandy, Peter
Co-author of the Jesus Mysteries pagan copycat book. For issues related to copycat charges, see the name of the alleged copycatted deity.

  • Articles
    • Review of The Jesus Mysteries.
    • Review of Jesus and the Lost Goddess.
    • Review of The Laughing Jesus.
    • The Gospel of the Second Coming, mini-review: This book has Jesus-the-literary-mouthpiece praising Freke and Gandy's previous works, written as a gnostic parable with walk-on parts by historical figures "admitting" they made stuff up, e.g. Eusebius wrote Josephus' Testimonium. There's an introduction by "Professor Faye Kinnit" (sic), a disclaimer that reads: Do Not Believe Everything You Read (spelt backwards in a funny script), really odd language (yes, they really put four letter Anglo-Saxonisms into Jesus' mouth), unsubtle sexual references, and what can only be called temper tantrums. We have to call this one little more than a blasphemous rant.
    • Was Paul a Gnostic?
Gardner, Laurence
Author of some very peculiar books.

  • Articles
    • Review of Bloodline of the Holy Grail
    • Some stuff on the bogus Prince Michael of Albany
    • Review of Genesis of the Grail Kings
    • Review of Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark
    • Review of The Magdalene Legacy
Geisler, Norman
Apologist, but behind the times and causing harm.

Generational Curses here
Ghounem, Mohammad
Muslim apologist.
  • Review of 200+ Ways the Quran Corrects the Bible
Gibbon, Edward
Commonly used by Skeptics for his anti-Christian comments in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately it's a very bad source on science and religion. James Hannam reports in his journal: The best man at my wedding likes to tease me that I'm the only person who has actually read this from cover to cover. I doubt that's the case because it is riveting stuff. It is also almost completely wrong. So many anti-Christian myths began here. Christian's destroying the library of Alexandria, Eusebius's dishonesty, Christianity causing the 'Dark Ages' etc. etc. Gibbon has a lot to answer for. The combination of his enormous erudition, beautiful style, biting wit and enlightenment agenda are a potent combination.
All of these are off site except those marked with **.
Godfrey, Neil
Christ myther blogger. Comments on high context societies and more here.
Gomes, Peter
Review of The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus here
A very broad subject -- look for defenses of individual books under book names.

Gospel of the Holy Twelve
Fabricated gospel document of the 19th century. Comments here.
Gospel of Peter
On the Gospel of Peter [Off Site]
Gospel of Thomas
Alleged "lost book" of the Bible favored by the Jesus Seminar

Graham, Billy
Profile here.
Graham, Lloyd M.
Author of Deceptions and Myths of the Bible. Comments here.
Graves, Kersey
Christ-myth source so non-credible that the Secular Web issues a warning about trusting him.
Greenberg, Gary
Author of 101 Myths of the Bible, reviewed in detail here.
Groothuis, Doug
Review of Christian Apologetics.
Gulley, Philip
Co-author of If Grace is True, reviewed here