Index: James

James has some of the characteristics of an epistle (personal letter) and a sermon. For a response to the idea that James is rebutting Paul, click here. For authorship of James see here.

James 1:5
Did Joseph Smith understand this verse?
James 1:13
Does God tempt people?
James 1:17
Does God change his mind?
James 2:24-5
Why is Rahab praised for lying?
James 5:8
Does this wrongly place us in the last days?
James 5:12
Is the Bible contradictory about swearing?
James 5:14-5
So does this mean we don't go and see doctors?
James 5:16
How can the prayer of a righteous man avail as James says, if there are no righteous men, as Paul says?
James 5:17
How long was the drought?