Index; Jonah, Micah

Jonah is written as a historical narrative, while Micah is a collection of prophetic oracles that were likely delivered orally at various times before being collected in writing.

Jonah 1:17
Fish or whale? Jonah vs. Matthew
Jonah 3:3
Does Jonah exaggerate the size of Nineveh?
Jonah 3:10
Does God change his mind?
Micah 1:12
Evil? From God?
Micah 2:12
Is this a false prophecy?
Micah 3:4
Will all who call on God's name be delivered?
Micah 5:2
On the "Bethlehem" prophecy and Birth place, or family? [Off Site] -- we also have an item on-site here replying to Uri Yosef and another reply to Fiddler Zvi
Micah 5:15
Does God get furious?
Micah 6:2
An earth with foundations?
Micah 7:18
If this is so, what about eternal punishment?