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Nag Hammadi
Where the Gospel of Thomas was found.
Nation of Islam
Watchman Fellowship overview
Were these the true Christians? [Off Site] See also here.
Did Nazareth exist at the time of Jesus?
Near-Death Experiences
Are they for real? Be careful! A reader has recommended the two books by Sabom below and also this material from the prestigious Lancet medical journal, and our survey
  • Books to Read
    • Recollections of Death by Michael Sabom
    • Light and Death by Michael Sabom
    • If I Should Wake Before I Die by H. Leon Greene -- Greene covers almost every base, beginning with descriptions of the work of several NDE researchers and writers (including Betty Eadie). He then offers detailed medical analysis of the NDE and related bodily systems, in a way that is clear and avoids unnecessary jargon. Finally he takes a Biblical look at the concept of death and afterlife which is well-informed by the historical data particulars. Several "case histories" of NDE experiences (or non-experiences) are included throughout the text.
Nelson, Scott
Owner of a site, Judaism vs. Christianity, that disrespects Paul. See here.
Also called "openness of God" theology. Critique here.
New Covenant Church of God
Swedish church with some odd beliefs
Newell, Coke
PR leader for the Latter-day Saints.

  • Articles
Notovich, Nicholas
Early "Jesus went to India" proponent.

Early Jewish name for Christians, but not as early as some critics like to say; see here.
Is Nudity "Natural and Wholesome"? -- a response to