Index: O
Oliver, Revilo P.
Racist Christ-myther of the past. Critique.
Oneness Pentecostals
A charismatic bunch that teaches unitarianism.

Open Theism
Also called "neotheism". Critique.
Oral Tradition
Understanding the process of oral transmission in ancient society is essential to understanding the Bible in terms of its identity as a literary product of its time.

Order of the Solar Temple
Watchman Fellowship overview
Orthodox Church
A very traditional group with a mix of beliefs.
Pagan copycat savior candidate. See here.
Osman, Ahemd
Short review of Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs: Ahmed Osman, who is qualified in law, prefers Michael Baigent, G.A. Wells, P.L. Couchoud (a philosophy professor who wrote in the 1920s) and Sigmund Freud over historians in this book - which claims King David was Tuthmosis III, Moses was Akhenaten and finally: "All the evidence points to the identification of Tutankhamun as the historical Jesus" [164] (while also stating all four gospels agree Jesus was crucified when Pilate was governor [17]) Hence this short review.
Osteen, Joel
Popular teacher.
  • Profile of Osteen here
Ouseley, Gideon
19th-century preacher who took part in the fabrication and promotion of the Gospel of the Holy Twelve. See this article, Veggie Tales.
Owen, John
Puritan writer. Profile0 here.