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Roman historian who mentions Jesus.
Broad term referring to a variety of ancient Jewish commentaries on religious matters.
Ancient Sumerian deity, sometimes alleged to have been an influence on Christianty. For a response, see here.
Tarico, Valerie
Review of Trusting Doubt here
Taussig, Hal
Review of A New New Testament.
Taylor, Robert
19th century critic of Christianity, poor researcher. See comments here.
Telchin, Stan
Comments on elitism.
Templeton, Charles
Now-deceased, former associate of Billy Graham who turned apostate.Review of Farewell to God
Textual Criticism
The artistic science of ascertaining the original text of the Bible -- or any ancient document, for that matter.

Historian who mentions Jesus.
Theios Aner
For relevant commemnts see this article. [Off Site]
Thiering, Barbara
Review of Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Thomas, Gospel of
Alleged "lost book" of the Bible favored by the Jesus Seminar

Thompson, Thomas
Review of The Messiah Myth.
Thundy, Zacharias
Christ myther who's into Buddhism. Comments.
We have a little study on that subject.
Tobin, Paul
Author of Skeptical website Rejection of Pascal's Wager. This is one of the largest Skeptical websites I have been not addresing, and for very good reason. I find nothing new within my subject purview to addres from Tobin's materials. His sourcework is dismal, often making use of a bare minimum of sources (despite a lengthy bibliography of mixed quality, which does not reflect use of all those listed), many of them badly out of date. He fails to interact with serious Christian scholarship, apparently thinking Josh McDowell is at our apex. I consider Tobin not worthy of the time needed for any further reply than what we have already posted that addresses exactly the same subjects.
Toledeth Yeshu
Fraudulent life of Jesus composed in the 5th-8th century. Promulgated by the likes of Revilo P. Oliver, who the article linked below is mainly about, but we discuss the "virtues" of the Toledeth Yeshu as well.

Tolle, Eckhart
Oprah's favorite. See here for critique of The New Earth. See also criticism here. [Off Site]
Total Depravity
The T in TULIP. I agree with this petal.

Townsley, Jeramy
Professing Evangelical promulgator of the idea that homosexuality is OK. See here for comments on the question, "Was David gay?" by his reckoning (equivocal).
Tozer, A. W.
Popular teacher. See here for comments.
Treaty of Tripoli
What about that Article 11? See here.
Trial of Jesus
  • Articles
    • The Trial on Trial -- a general defense of the Gospel trial accounts; includes defense against the idea that Jesus was a militaristic revolutionist
The "Lord, Liar or Lunatic" argument defended.
  • Articles
    • Foundational article on the Father-Son relationship -- also includes links to articles on how various groups misunderstand the doctrine of the Trinity
    • Foundational article on the Father-Holy Spirit relationship
Website advocating Christian polygamy. See here.
Work of Justin Martyr offering his dialogue with a skeptical Jew.
Tulbure, Solomon
Review of Christianity Exposed including commentary/response to chapters
In this corner: John Calvin. In the other corner: Jacob Arminius. Who takes the battle? Neither. See my summary here.

Turner, Paige
Medical doctor/apostate who wrote a book of less than 60 pages and titled it, How to Prove that Christianity is Not True. See critique.
An essential concept for grasping Biblical prophecy. This item from the Christian ThinkTank is an excellent primer. See also our item here.
City with some prophetic import.