Crite of Chaldea and Jesus

Once again, as with Beddru, the name "Crite of Chaldea" (I also searched with "Babylon") turns up nothing on the Net other than repeats of Kersey Graves' list. Once again as with Beddru, relevant sources were searched (ANE mythology books) and no reference was found to a Crite of Chaldea. The closest match was a "Keret" -- a king with a tragic story of loss who invades a foreign land in search of a bride. But that's no match at all for what is claimed, as offered by Graves:

The Chaldeans, as Mr. Higgins informs us, have noted in their sacred books the account of the crucifixion of a God with the above name. He was also known as "the Redeemer," and was styled "the Ever Blessed Son of God," "the Savior of the Race," "the Atoning Offering for an Angry God." And when he was offered up, both heaven and earth were shaken to their foundations.

I think all of this was made up by Higgins. And I hereby challenge any Christ-myther to produce a modern reference to this "Crite of Chaldea" from a work by an authority on ANE mythology, and a modern reference to "Beddru of Japan" from a work by an authority on Japanese mythology.

I don't think this will happen, though, because as of this typing in April 2009...this challenge has been up for several years.