Zoar of the Bonzes vs Jesus

One "Zoar of the Bonzes" is listed in a long list of copycat Christs with no distinctives. Now you may first be asking, "What are the Bonzes?" That wasn't hard to find here:

Indian priests. In China they are the priests of the Fohists; their number is 50,000, and they are represented as idle and disolute. In Japan they are men of rank and family. In Tonquin every pagoda has at least two bonzes, and some as many as fifty.

The word "bonzes" also seems to be used of certain monks in Asia. Now what about a Zoar from this batch? It looks so far like a bogus reference -- the only online reference to "Zoar of the Bonzes" is from the same list from Kersey Graves. So we'll just put this one down as bogus until such time as someone can provide any contrary data.